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Virtual Dating Rules - Relations
Virtual Dating Rules - Relations

Video: Virtual Dating Rules - Relations

Video: Virtual Dating Rules - Relations
Video: How to stop swiping and find your person on dating apps | Christina Wallace 2023, March

How did our parents meet? In parks of culture and rest, at dances, at anniversaries of relatives and at party meetings. Now life has become impetuous. However, the desire inherent in us by nature itself to find a mate has not changed at all. Only the living conditions and the ways of realizing this desire have changed. The Internet was invented to help humanity. And it contains everything that we need, and sites for dating as well

Who needs it

The first category of those in need of auxiliary Internet means for acquaintances are young people with higher education, who have a decent job and a “social package” planned for payments: a car, an apartment, a hobby. They have no particular problems with acquaintance, because there is a clear goal, and disappointments can only be on the occasion of the mismatch of hobbies.

The second category is people 35–40 years old who did not manage to find their bearings in time and have not yet been married even once. A sort of dreamers.

In the same age category are those who did not have a relationship in their first marriage. True, this age category does not have an extreme limit of 40 years, it stretches to 55-60. But it has subcategories:

  • Living together, but not legally formalized the relationship. Such people believe that living together does not mean anything, so they can look for a better option for themselves.
  • Paying loans. As a rule, these are people who are frankly looking for a materially profitable dating option for themselves, allowing them to dump part of their material needs on another.
  • Children who have not raised. These are people who want to share the care of upbringing with someone.
  • Outgrown children. These people who live with adult children and their families in the same living area and dream of moving in with someone.
  • Working a lot. They love their work, perhaps they are workaholics or careerists, and in fits of fatigue and despair, in the enlightenments of consciousness, they want to find someone to shift the way of life that always interferes with work.
  • Deeply married / married. These are people who do not have the fortitude (in some cases, moral / material ability) to terminate the relationship.

The third age group is people over sixty. There are also two subcategories here: those who are young and young and those who philosophize and philosophize.

We deliberately do not take people with addictions, staying in prisons and mentally unstable, as well as obvious scammers. But both of those on dating sites are presented "in stock".

Honestly about yourself

So, the first thing to do when registering on a dating site is to enter information about yourself, starting with your name. This is where miracles begin. For some reason, it's embarrassing to "shine" on a dating site. In inventing "nicknames" for oneself, various options are used that reflect the main thing - the intellect of the representative. It should be remembered that "nickname" is always considered in conjunction with a profile photo.

At this stage, if you choose your partner, then maybe everything will stop. It is funny to see well-fed ladies over 50 with playful "nicknames" "Moth" or "Fairy". There you can also see Narcissus and Oracles weighed down with beer bellies. Separately, it should be said about "nicknames" in English or Latin. Here the comrades are clearly broadcasting their obsessions. Well, for example, Slave, Mistress, etc.

Everyone wants to be young as long as possible. It's one thing to do something for this, and another thing is just not to add five or ten years in the questionnaire. And this is not only a difference between women, men also dump their years on dating sites. This is a serious question of self-identification, and it is considered most often in private consultations, where people who are disillusioned with online dating come.

You can write not only articles about photographs, but also essays and even books. A withering lady against the background of a bush with rosebuds, a thin guy in shorts near a jeep, languid beauties reclining on sofas, and citizens frozen in seemingly attractive half-slopes. The key word is seeming. It seems that they are putting these photos for self-admiration. A separate category of incomprehensible men puts profile pictures with children and women. And also cats / dogs, feasts, palms, fireplaces, historical sights - anything, but not the person himself.

I want to get married

And why, in fact, do people register on dating sites? The answer is obvious - to get acquainted! Then the question is on a higher level: for what purpose? Dating sites, of course, raise this question in their profile. But to simplify filling, they give options. And in vain. If the field for the purpose of dating were empty, people could better analyze themselves and their match with a potential partner. So we are talking about managing our own life. A good answer to the question about the goal is "to get married" / "to get married", "to find a partner for living together." And most often so specifically motivated comrades use the services of counseling psychologists for a win-win immersion in the world of dating sites.

Caveats and Recommendations

  • Always remember that dating sites are not life itself, but only a way to establish it. And then - only as an option.
  • Having decided to register on a dating site, clearly imagine the image of the applicant / applicant for communication. Categorically ignore any other inclinations to your profile.
  • Take for granted the possible technical falsification of the time and place of stay on the sites of you personally and, accordingly, others.
  • Don't let your family and colleagues know about your intention to find a partner on a dating site.
  • Determine for yourself a specific period of stay on the site, and in case of a failed search within the allotted time, remove the profile without the possibility of returning. Look for another way to meet.

Not too serious

A sufficient number of successful acquaintances with a continuation in the form of love and / or friendship comes out of dating sites! People have nowhere and no time to meet. Demand creates supply. Sites like this are linked up in networks. It's clear. However, everything that is virtual is not entirely real. How can you relate to dating sites so as not to exaggerate their importance in your life? Well, suppose, as to the fair: fun, cheap, drunk.

And, as an alternative to dating sites, overcoming the inertia of modern citizens, another way of finding the right partner by fate enters our life - Speed dating - quick acquaintances. This will make it easier to see, hear, feel and intuitively. Worth trying!

Photo: © Evgeny Bakal / Photobank Lori

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