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Look Fear In The Eye - Self-development
Look Fear In The Eye - Self-development

Video: Look Fear In The Eye - Self-development

Video: Look Fear In The Eye - Self-development
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We are constantly afraid of something. Either a teacher at school, or going on stage, or a transition to a new job. Where does fear come from? Why is it so hard to stop being afraid? And is the victory over fear a guarantee of a happy life?

Fear is a self-preservation instinct that every healthy person has. This is a normal reaction to the unknown. It is fear that levels us on the path to life's victories. Everyone is afraid, and those who can take control of their fear win.

Fear of betrayal

It is most often based on negative experiences and is therefore very powerful. But even betrayal is a step on the path of our development.

What to do?

Think. Only by “turning on the head” will we be able to assess the situation objectively and prevent betrayal. And if this has already happened, then the consequence should not be the fear of a new relationship, but the conclusions drawn, the question "Where did I go wrong?"

Fear of illness

According to the methods of solution, he is related to the fear of not becoming a good parent, not being successful as a professional and generally “being bad” - morally, materially, professionally, physically, morally, etc.

What to do?

Act. These fears are destructive. To minimize the possibility of illness, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. It's not only about sports, but also about a favorable place of residence. Afraid of being a bad parent? Work on yourself! Communicate with professionals: child psychologists, teachers; read literature and let it all pass through yourself. Fearing professional insolvency? Learn, find your way, create.

Fear of being alone

This type of fear, like the fear of losing a loved one, is addiction. It is generated by lack of independence. This can also include the fear of going your own way, of being rejected, the fear of condemnation.

What to do?

Develop. Each of us has our own path, our own vocation. You need to get to know yourself step by step, learn to hear your desires, needs, see your skills. It's scary to be alone. But it is even more terrible to be alone among people.

Fear of War and Fear of Success

What to do?

Stop being afraid of what may not happen. There will be a war or not - it does not depend on us, so you need to solve problems as they come. And the fear of success is completely meaningless: success must first be achieved, and it is not so easy.

Fear of death

People are afraid of their death or a loved one. The reasons are uncertainty and inevitability.

What to do?

Life is finite. Someone earlier, someone later, but everyone leaves. Sometimes it seems unfair and cruel, but it is a given. Researcher, psychologist, philosopher and physician R. Moody tells in great detail about the fear of death in his books Life After Death and Life After Life. Over the years, he studied the experiences of patients. Studies have shown varied, but mostly optimistic, experiences of dying, backed up by testimonies from people who have been 'beyond'.

Fear for the life and health of the child

What to do?

You should not devote all your attention to the child. A full-fledged person grows out of someone who learned difficult lessons in childhood. Take care of yourself before your baby arrives. Find your vocation, your business, and then you will benefit the child many times more than if you constantly deal with it, and this, in turn, will distract you from unreasonable fear.

Instead of being afraid, one should study, cognize, analyze, think, delve into, act. And don't let anyone rule your life.

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