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A Really Magic Word - Research
A Really Magic Word - Research

Video: A Really Magic Word - Research

Video: A Really Magic Word - Research
Video: MAGIC SPELLS: Are These *3 WORDS* the Best Kept SECRET on the Planet? 2023, March

We teach our children to say "magic words" of greetings, requests, gratitude. It's nice and accepted. But scientists from the Universities of Houston, Texas and Pennsylvania, in partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs' Michael DeBakey Medical Center, have proven that one of the "magic words" is truly magical: it helps fight depression.

The study of psychologists involved 352 people 18–58 years old with signs of depression of varying severity. Testing has shown that people who expressed gratitude to someone for something (regardless of the scale and significance of an act or event) feel a psychological upsurge, value every moment of life more, feel self-confidence. Especially those who are distinguished by modesty, who in everyday life are ashamed to show their emotions sincerely and openly, soar in spirit.

"Expressing gratitude can help relieve symptoms of anxiety," say American experts. "It can also contribute to a feeling of social support, closeness to people, and unity with them, which is extremely important for a depressed person who feels isolated."

There is no excess in the world more beautiful than an excess of gratitude

Jean de La Bruyere

However, it is quite obvious that with all the magical power of the word "thank you" only gratitude cannot become a full-fledged therapy for a depressed patient. Consequently, all the familiar treatments are still valid.

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