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Figure For The Husband - The Quality Of Life
Figure For The Husband - The Quality Of Life

Video: Figure For The Husband - The Quality Of Life

Video: Figure For The Husband - The Quality Of Life
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“My husband thinks that it would not hurt me to lose weight and enlarge my breasts, and my friends say that everything is fine with me. The husband asks to do it "for his sake." Elena, 32 years old

Few people like to hear criticism in their address, and if a loved one criticizes, then it is even more painful. And when you have to hear from your life partner that your chest is too small, and your stomach sagged, and in general it would not hurt to drive off fat, doubts arise involuntarily about your own attractiveness, and about the feelings of your man too. Seeing yourself as sexually uninteresting, unwanted can turn into jealousy and fear of being abandoned.

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you don't lose weight and enlarge your breasts? Will the husband go to the priestesses of love, find a mistress, go to a model with an impressive bust? What happens if you "undermine" yourself in accordance with your spouse's ideas about the ideal woman? You've probably noticed that there are a lot of conventions in a situation.

This story is not about weight or breasts at all. You can make any changes in your body only if you yourself want it. And any operation is associated with health risks. You describe the position of your spouse, give the opinion of your friends, but you don't write a word about your point of view. Are you satisfied with your figure yourself? Reshaping ourselves, unfortunately, will not bring the expected results. The husband's desire to subject you to physical changes has nothing to do with increasing his libido or sexuality in general. Sexuality is not parameters and standards, but a certain internal energy.

Time leads us to disappointment in everything that is not virtue, not reason, and not truth

Pierre Bouast

You do not talk about your relationship with your husband, but even in stable relationships, over time, partners cease to notice in each other those features that were so attracted to them in the beginning. Gradually, the accumulated dissatisfaction begins to manifest itself in the fact that the companion is more actively noticing those qualities that he does not like and cause irritation and repulsion. It is likely that passion, lust, vivid emotions faded a little in a series of family everyday life, giving way to routine. I would like to change, to return the old impressions. By insisting that you change your appearance, your husband actually wants to change your relationship. Unconsciously, he broadcasts a projection on the change in the family situation as a whole.

Analyze what's going on in your family. Have you drifted apart? This period, when the fervor is gone, but deeper and stronger relationships have appeared, is most vulnerable to any strong emotional experiences. And the future of the family largely depends on whether these experiences are positive or negative.

Spend more time together, get positive emotions and impressions, do not focus on everyday troubles. Try to bring lightness to your communication with your husband and, of course, show how you value and value him. Chances are, the situation will change, and your man will not ask for any more changes.

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