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An Impressive Person. Interview With Maxim Averin - Interview
An Impressive Person. Interview With Maxim Averin - Interview

Video: An Impressive Person. Interview With Maxim Averin - Interview

Video: An Impressive Person. Interview With Maxim Averin - Interview
Video: Amateur interview with Maxim Averin 2023, March

Maxim Averin does not play off stage: he is open and benevolent, ready to discuss any topic, in a detailed answer to any question he can change several moods from irritation to delight, and all because he is an impressive person …


Was born on November 26, 1975 in Moscow.

1982 - film debut.

1985 - debut at the Theater of Miniatures (now the Hermitage Theater).

1997 - graduated from the Shchukin Higher Theater School.

1998 - the first role in a movie in adulthood, the film "Love is Evil" (Korabelnikov).

1998 - 2001 - participation in performances of the theater "Satyricon".

2005 - Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture and the prize "Silver Horseshoe" at the IV Annual Russian Film Festival "To Love in Russian".

2006 - theater award "Seagull-2006".

2009 - debut as the host of New Year's Eve on NTV: "Carnival Night with Maxim Averin."

2010- the premiere and tour of the Creative evening "Sincerely without cuts", the first benefit show "Unusual concert with Maxim Averin" on NTV, the national television award "TEFI-2010" in the nomination "Male actor in a television film / series" for the series "Capercaillie. Continuation ".

2014 - lectures at Duke University in the USA and the premiere of the solo performance "It All Starts with Love" on the stage of the Millennium Theater in New York, awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

It is rare to find an actor who reads psychological magazines …

I love it all. I love to read my colleagues how they lie. Everyone wants to be good on TV, on the cover. I believe in the decency of people, I read and think: "God, what wonderful people!"

Does the desire to be good fix people?

There should be such qualities as honor and dignity, they need to be brought up in oneself. Now an order is given for this. I do not believe in good or bad people, I believe that a person himself chooses what he should be. How to evaluate a person who committed a crime defending his children? I sometimes think how hard it is to be a judge. Before I was a categorical maximalist, I said “no” or “yes”, there is no middle ground. And now I have no right to ask anyone. Now the concepts of decency and good breeding are leveled, the sense of taste is broken. And you need to try at least not to betray yourself. It is very difficult for a person to live now.

Probably, life was not easy before

We lived in a system that educated a person, gave him upbringing, there was an opportunity to choose a profession not because it brings benefits, but because it is a vocation. A person who lives in a society cannot be completely free. Spitting on the floor now is not freedom, but rudeness. If you are a normal person, you will think of other people around you. Let's say I say to a friend: "I'm tired of everything, I'm leaving for another country." But how can I not think that I have mom here? There are obligations, responsibilities, so there are no free people. Freedom is needed in order not to be a scoundrel. Every time we leave the entrance, we are under fire of rudeness, meanness, ignorance. How to save yourself, not get lost and in the evening, falling asleep, tell yourself that you are a normal person?..

Live in a crazy world, but don't go crazy. Such controlled schizophrenia

I have always been out of this world, otherwise I would not have been an artist. But today I was watching TV and was terrified of how they play. It's a shame, because adults. When I was young, I was just bursting, I wanted everyone to love me. But now everything is different, I want to make the viewer rise a little above the hustle and bustle. I'm not trying to teach anyone. How to ensure that not tears are visible, but what is inside? If the viewer sees, hears, he will think of everything and understand everything. Now everyone is chewing, but why? It seems to me that everything should be between the lines.

Roles in the theater "Satyricon" named after Arkady Raikin


"The Taming", based on the play "The Taming of the Shrew" - Petruchio

"London Show", based on the play "Pygmalion" B. Shaw - Henry Higgins

"Richard III", W. Shakespeare - Clarence, Edward, Duchess of York

"King Lear", W. Shakespeare - Edmond

"A profitable place", A. Ostrovsky - Aristarkh Vladimir Vyshnevsky

"Poplars and the Wind", J. Sibleyras - Rene

"Kyoginsky skirmishes", K. Goldoni - Padron Tony

"Threepenny Opera", B. Brecht - member of the capture group

" Hamlet ", W. Shakespeare - Marcellus

" Lion in Winter ", J. Goldman - John Landless

" Chauntecleer ", E. Rostand - Cat, Rabbit, Goose, Foreign Rooster

“Gedda Gubler”, G. Ibsen - Jorgen Tesman

“Macbeth”, E. Ionesco - Banco

“Masquerade”, M. Lermontov - Arbenin, Kazarin

“Funny Money”, R. Cooney - Victor Johnson

You have the position of a positive psychotherapist

I honestly don't understand the work of a psychologist. Here you come to a stranger. He asks: "What happened?"

He just listens to the person

Why did he give up to me then? Tell a stranger what's in my heart. I was just lucky: the energy that fills me, whether I am sad or cheerful, I sublimate into a profession. I don't have to go to a psychologist. Like Yevtushenko, "I understood that a person is unhappy because he is looking for happiness." Happiness is a journey, not an end goal. But man does not understand this. I had such a moment in my life recently when I suddenly got up and left the theater. I suddenly thought: "What have I forgotten here?" It all happened in one second. If I had hatched such a decision for a long time, it would be reflected in my work. But I couldn't do that, I have everything to the maximum, and this is my problem. In love, too. I was told not to be so strong. I shuddered and did not understand: how could it be otherwise? They say to me: "Take care of yourself." How is it? Go on stage and start taking care? It is important for meso that the viewer leaves with something.

Is this life at the maximum that gives energy?

Of course! I am an impressive person. I spend all my money on travel, I don't need palaces. I draw inspiration from what I see in front of me. Some artists hate acting, and I love that. I love light, technology, when the operator works. I still remember the smell of Mosfilm - the smell of film. I was once in Saratov. I come, and there the old theater burned down. And so I enter a new theater, and the director brings me a chair, puts it down and washes it with a soot rag, and he has tears in his eyes: "Forgive us, we are burned out!" I realized that these people are not indifferent to the theater, to their home. The best proof of the profession: "You go out and do it." Now many people get paid and do nothing. The theater should be competitive, but what is happening now scares me, I don't want to play it. And about the fact that I want to play, they tell me: this will not work,no one will do that. Well, then I'll wait. I play a lot, I have no creative hunger. But I can't help rehearsing, I need a job.

Theatrical entreprise


"Romeo and Juliet", W. Shakespeare, production center "Globus" - Mercutio

"Bummer OFF", based on the novel "Oblomov" by I. Goncharov, Center for Drama and Directing A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin - Shchtolts

"I. ABOUT.", based on the play by S. Larsson, Center for Drama and Directing A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin - Hans

"Santa Claus is a scoundrel", an independent theater project - Katya

"Portrait. Part I ", based on the story of N. Gogol, State Museum of A. Pushkin - Chartkov

" Sincerely, without cuts ", recital

" Everything starts with love … ", solo performance, ANO" Theater Marathon"

" TriAda "/" Others ", based on the play "Behind Closed Doors" by J.-P. Sartre - Garcin

"All About Men", based on the play by M. Gavran, theater company "Free Stage" - Zoki, Father, Max, Robert

"My Life is Cinematography", recital

"Othello", W. Shakespeare, theater company "Free Stage" - Othello

What will your book be about?

Travel notes. I would like to tell with a smile about my childhood, about people who seemed funny to me. I will not reveal their bad sides, so as not to offend, I will go around sharp corners.

What is talent? This is a potential opportunity. Further, a person either develops it or destroys it. I have seen many talented people who have ruined themselves. It depends on education. I believe education is an anatomical necessity.

When I was seventeen years old, I was presented with the "Encyclopedia of Cinema", and I am leafing through it now. I find the word "make-up", and it turns out, translated from Italian "make-up" - a wrinkled old man. Just ask the make-up artists now, they don't know. The artists hide behind a make-up that hides the truth.

I don't understand when a woman on the screen wakes up with an evening hairdo, with painted eyelashes. Why is this? How to believe it? It disconnects me immediately, it's just not interesting. I see rented apartments on the screen without an artist's work. And my father worked in a studio, where every shot was thought out. It's a bunch of sketches. I was sorting through a pile of books at the dacha and found a box with my father's sketches for one painting. This is a departing nature … It seems to me that I have not done even half of what I could and wanted.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to play some roles due to external data. I am very grateful that I was allowed to play in Garnet Bracelet. Fourteen minutes of screen existence, but it's very dear to me. Although it seems to me that I played better on the trial. Looking at yourself is a thankless task, it seems that everything would be redone.

My first scene was a nightmare, ashamed to re-watch. But then I was taught to film how to play in close-ups. When Capercaillie was offered, I didn't want to play the cop. I thought I was a prince, a king. And when I received the script, I was amazed at how cool it was written. It was a screenwriter's talent.



1998 - "Love is Evil", Korabelnikov

2000 - "Truckers", Victor, Chernoy's accomplice

2004 - "A Place in the Sun", Gleb Kalashnikov

2005 - "City without Sun", Egor

2006 - "Spare Instinct", Arseny Troepolsky

2006 - "Aziris Nuna ", Shidla

2006 -" Dead. Alive. Dangerous ", Styopa

2008 -" Capercaillie ", Sergei Viktorovich Glukharev, captain of justice

2010 -" Attempt of Faith ", Oleg

2011 -" Once upon a time there was one woman ", Alexander

2011 -" Returning home ", Gleb Belov

2011 -" Furtseva ", Peter Bitkov

2012 - "Sklifosovsky", Oleg Mikhailovich Bragin

2012 - "The Bait Man", Gennady Vereshchagin

2014 - "Kuprin. Yama ", Zheltkov

2016 -" Companions ", Egor / Matvey

2016 -" Tourists ", Vladimir (Vova) Sergeevich Saboneev / Vovas

2016 -" Love and Sachs ", Seva Kornet

But what about being the director of your life?

Sometimes I just want to be an artist. To come to the site, not to rewrite the script, not to come up with phrases, recapitulations. I want to be plasticine in the hands of the director.

I was lucky to have worked with professionals. I would like a little different, but I cannot change anything, I can only accept this world. To each his own. When I didn't bend, no one benefited from it. When I resisted, I received spits in my back, and the phrase of Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko saved me: "If they spit in your back, then you are going ahead."

I am in tune with myself, I love reading biographies, history and I understand how much I would like to play! About fifteen years ago there was a film about Alexander Godunov, a ballet dancer who jumped over the cordon in Soviet times. There is a phrase at the end that turned my mind over: "And in the past he had a brilliant future." This phrase made me scared. This is the role I would really like to play.

"Golovlevs" is just my dream. In general, Saltykov-Shchedrin is undeservedly exposed outside the scope of artists' interest. It is impossible to live without a sense of humor, and I turn it on in the morning. Only humor and self-irony save you from reality, without them you can go crazy.


I do not believe

There is always a living person behind any role. Present. You can cover the actor with make-up and present the most breathtaking scenario, but human nature, the core of the personality, will still leak out, manifest in details and half-tones. But I do not see Maxim in these answers. Moreover, I note discrepancies and contradictions with myself. For example, we hear that the actor has "everything to the maximum", and after a few phrases it sounds: "I want to be plasticine" and reflections on flexibility and pliability … Reminds me of an old anecdote: "either put on a cross, or …" It seemed to me, that Maxim did not say even a fraction of the truth about himself. Didn't open up. Slipped between the words … a snake. Maybe it is so and more reasonable, because now many strive not on the back, but to spit in the soul, just show me. Be that as it may, the phrase that terrified the actor does not apply to him. His “bright future” is not “in the past,” but right now. And there is not a drop of irony in my words. Live and create further. I trust the person I see on the screen.


psychotherapist, neurologist, psychologist

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