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Who Are You, Scanner Or Diver? - Self-development
Who Are You, Scanner Or Diver? - Self-development

Video: Who Are You, Scanner Or Diver? - Self-development

Video: Who Are You, Scanner Or Diver? - Self-development
Video: Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality | Brian Little 2023, March

We have long been told about the difference in temperament and personality type, we are divided by gender and age, but only now there is an opportunity to study ourselves on a professional path. Who am I - a scanner sliding through the arts and sciences, absorbing all that life has to offer, or a diver, diving to the full depth of the subject being examined? It's time to figure it out!

Unbearable stability

Barbara Sher is a renowned writer, speaker and business coach. It was she who made the army of the smartest, talented people cry with happiness only because they were finally recognized as full!

The legacy of the USSR, where it was correct and natural to work for 25–40 years in one place, drove into a corner everyone who was naturally unbearable to do this. Their inquisitive mind could find neither time nor opportunity to develop and express their talents. These people were driven out, shut down and for 60 years they were taught that it is not normal to have interests in different areas of life and it is impossible to be successful at the same time.

The Soviet Union went down in history, and after almost a quarter of a century, thanks to Barbara Sher, an understanding of the difference between people in the degree of their involvement in the profession became available to us.

  • Divers are explorers. They immerse themselves in the topic and find more and more depressions and depths of this ocean. Scientists are a striking example of divers. But it can be actors, musicians, doctors, engineers and people of any other profession.
  • Scanners with unrestrained passion rush to the topic of interest, and it does not matter that yesterday it was music, but today it is accounting. A sudden loss of interest or a switch to a new activity is terribly annoying to others. Such "superficiality" seems to the uninitiated to be frivolous, although it has nothing to do with it. The scanner really loses interest in one type of activity over time and switches to another, because at this stage it took everything that it needed. Having studied and learned the topic, he moves forward, does not completely abandon, but pauses. If it inspired him once, it will most likely inspire again.

History of the issue

Human scanners have existed always and everywhere, but not at all times they could be free to express themselves. Leonardo da Vinci was not only a painter, but also a scientist, writer, inventor. He, like other people with a similar mindset, was called "universal person" or polymath. Mikhail Lomonosov is a prominent representative of polymaths in Russian history. Some people confuse polymaths with polymaths. However, the difference between them is significant: an erudite is one who knows a lot, a well-read person, a polymath is one who, in addition to knowledge from books, has mental, experienced, applied knowledge.

How is your life?

Divers, unlike scanners, are better suited to the modern world order. The standardization of education has led to the fact that scanners have neither a place nor an understanding of their wonderful nature. Everything for divers: training at school, choosing a profile, entering a university and further the interesting world of the profession for decades to come. You can make a career - finish postgraduate studies, defend PhD and Doctorate. Become a Corresponding Member or Academician and receive an award from the President.

Who will give a medal to a scanner that studies dozens of professions in a lifetime with different and rather deep degrees of immersion? Often, others do not understand the characteristics of such a person and treat him with disdain and even hostility. “Where have you seen it so that you can approach your profession so ineptly,” they say. - But he gave such hopes! " Scanners are really very talented, their abilities extend to almost all sciences. A person can be a mathematician, a journalist, a biologist, or a traveler, and during breaks he can sew amazing dolls. Only the sincere interest of parents in childhood and loved ones in adulthood helps the scanner to open up. To structure the abundance of interests, find a common grain and set the direction for implementation.

If you do not take the classical education, the modern world is friendly to the scanner. Information on any topic is available. Self-education becomes a panacea for the standards of the system; it is possible both in full-time and in correspondence form. A variety of free and paid software can be found on the Internet and beyond. Exit sessions, the appearance of coaches and much more work for the development and full life of the scanner.

Who will win?

Is there competition between scanners and divers, and which one is better? There is no better or worse. What the scanner is doing is impossible for a diver, and vice versa. The life of a scanner is exciting and varied. He studies the world in all its manifestations, finding connections between seemingly unrelated sciences. The life of a diver in the profession is not so diverse, but very deep. Together we live, study the planet, conquer space, write poetry and paintings, create medicines and Teddy bears. And who can say which is more important - to cure a seriously ill person or to make a child happy?

The main thing is that we respect each other's choices and do not interfere with each of us going his own, individual, different path. Because people will always be divided into men and women, introverts and extroverts, sanguine people and choleric people, and also into divers and scanners - and that's great!

Photo: © Sergey Nivens / Photobank Lori

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