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Fathers And Sons: How To Say “I Love You” - Society
Fathers And Sons: How To Say “I Love You” - Society

Video: Fathers And Sons: How To Say “I Love You” - Society

Video: Fathers And Sons: How To Say “I Love You” - Society
Video: Why Latino Dads Don't Say "I Love You" | ON PAPER EP. 1 - mitu 2023, March

The relationship between fathers and children is gradually being transformed into modern technologies for the transfer of information. SMS, e-mail, in case of emergency, a phone call. What can this lead to?

Unlearned script

Social advertising appeals to the feelings of the audience and tries to remind about the main thing. Recently on the Internet I watched a video of an experiment in which adult children uttered the phrase "I love you." The children, embarrassed, awkwardly confessed their love to their parents, and they were perplexed: “Why do you love me? What do you want? Should I be worried already? " - these answers sounded in smartphones over a speakerphone, and the whole world turned into a pause for the interlocutors. And what to say next, when no one has written the script, and you have not learned your part of the dialogue?

Adult childhood

Do you know how, at a psychologist's appointment, parents' "debts" are returned to adult boys and girls? They are hugged, loved, stroked through their hair and repeated that they are the best children, that they are the most beloved, that they are proud and have always been proud. Big aunts and uncles sit on the lap of a kind psychologist acting as a parent, cuddle tightly and, listening to the mutual beating of hearts, feeling the warmth of their breath, thaw out, bursting into tears. There are a lot of such "ice" in life. By no means only orphanages, but also quite prosperous, at first glance, families release unloved children into the world, who remain so even at 30, 40, 60 years old.

They do not complain about a difficult childhood, beatings or drunken relatives, often the “children” had everything they should have at 5, 10, 15 years old. But something is not working out now, something inside does not allow you to relax and be truly grateful and free.

Adults do not know how to express real emotions

Adults are ashamed to give love to those who are near, they are in a position of protection all their lives and carry stones of dislike in their souls, they try to prove with their actions, careers that they are the best, most beloved children, but very often they cannot find confirmation of this in the eyes of loved ones.

Today, many complain about their callousness and the lack of manifestation of feelings of the younger generation, without thinking that the root cause of this lies in the family, where the older generation has not kept the tradition of turning into words their love for children. So the questions traditional for our life appear: "Who is to blame?" and "What to do?"

What to do?

The universal advice is to start with yourself. Many things can be corrected by words and deeds now. Introduce the phrase “I love you” in your family and say it often. It will be strange, but you will bear it, soon these words will sound natural. Settle in the house "Good morning" and "Good night", confirm the greeting with gentle touches and hugs.

It will change you and gradually like it, improve the quality of family life. And then there will be no pause or bewilderment on the other end of the line, at that very important moment. You will answer simply: "I love you very much too!"

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