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VEG-LIFE-EXPO Will Be Held In Moscow - Partner News
VEG-LIFE-EXPO Will Be Held In Moscow - Partner News

Video: VEG-LIFE-EXPO Will Be Held In Moscow - Partner News

Video: VEG-LIFE-EXPO Will Be Held In Moscow - Partner News
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Moscow will host a large-scale vegetarian and healthy lifestyle exhibition VEG-LIFE-EXPO 2017, which will bring together stars and experts dealing with the topic of an ethical lifestyle: Igor Talkov, Linda Nigmatulina, Irina Novozhilova, Karina Koks, Vladimir Semenov, Sergey Dobrozdravin, Yuri Frolov, Daria Lisichenko, Gayane Breiova, Artyom Khachatryan, Evgeny Khodchenkov and others.

The exhibition will take place on April 8 and 9. Location: Event Hall Danilovsky. This is the main event of the year for all vegetarians, vegans and healthy lifestyle advocates

Well-known experts in the topic of vegetarianism and healthy lifestyle will perform on the main stage. You can see the full list of speakers on the website

During 2 days, experts will reveal the topics of an ethical attitude towards life, in many aspects of human activity: health, sports, business, relationships and personal development.

  • Where can you find ethical cosmetics that are not tested on animals?
  • Is it profitable to build an ethical business?
  • Personal growth, how to bend your line, even if you are alone?
  • Why are ecology and vegetarianism closely related?
  • Are sports and vegetarianism compatible? Secrets of Champions.
  • Simple health secrets that are available to everyone: the experience of renowned doctors.
  • Personal stories of stars: reasons for refusing meat, results and recommendations.

… and many other topics.

На большом маркете более 100 компаний представят свой вегетарианский и этичный ассортимент товаров и услуг. На выставке Veg-life-expo 2017 вы найдете: этичную одежду, натуральную косметику, бытовую технику для здорового питания, очищающие деток продукты, веганское спортивное питание, медицинские приборы и нитратомеры, органические био-добавки, масла и орехи, веганские товары, продукты питания, посуду, украшения и многое другое.

There will be a food court at the exhibition, where you can taste the most delicious vegetarian, vegan and raw food dishes. There will be a separate free playground for children at the exhibition. For yoga lovers on the second floor, there will also be a space for yoga classes. The program includes draws of useful gifts from numerous sponsors of the exhibition. The general partner of the exhibition is the residential complex Veda Village.

The exhibition will run from 11.00 to 20.00.

Meeting place: Event Hall Danilovsky.

M. "Tulskaya", st. Dubininskaya, 71, bldg. 5.

The exhibition is supported by the VITA Animal Rights Center, the Ecological Chamber of Russia, the TV channel and the magazine.

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