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Sex Man Number Four - Relationship, Sex
Sex Man Number Four - Relationship, Sex

Video: Sex Man Number Four - Relationship, Sex

Video: Sex Man Number Four - Relationship, Sex
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Once, at a lecture on sexology, we discussed the signs of sexuality, what is sexy. Men believed that the woman who liked sex was sexy. Women turned out to be more demanding, and this is justified. At the cellular level, we have prescribed the search for a strong, courageous, healthy partner so that these qualities are passed on to the offspring. As the saying goes, "not a single egg has ever chased sperm."

Sexuality, sex appeal and sexual temperament

Sexuality is a complex of manifestations of vital activity associated with reproductive function.

Sexuality is like an outward manifestation of sexuality (clothing, makeup, manners), but in fact it is an indicator that a person is not in contact with his sexuality. Sexuality is characteristic of young people when they are just beginning to study themselves, their bodies. They still need confirmation from the outside. They seem to shout: "Look, I'm sexy!" When inner contact with one's sexuality is found, the desire to prove and accent disappears.

Sexual temperament, or sexual constitution, is an innate and unchanging set of biological properties that does not change over time, which determines the level of sexual need and the stability of the reproductive system. The formation of temperament is influenced by genetic factors, intrauterine conditions and early childhood.

Three types of sexual temperament

Tall. Sexual contact is essential every day. Pros: Passion is guaranteed. It is unlikely that such ladies will have a "headache", and they hardly need any preliminary caresses. Perhaps you have ever met women whose reproductive function was not influenced by stress or other harmful factors. A one-time non-use of contraceptives with a high probability ended in pregnancy. Cons: such people cannot be left alone for a long time. Satisfying their sexual needs is the most important factor in a relationship for them.

Average. 80% of people. The average number of sexual contacts is two to three times a week. There may be periods of greater and lesser activity, which depend on external and internal factors, stress, depression, mood, etc.

Low. Sexual contact - once a week or less. For such people, a minimal harmful factor is enough to disrupt the function of the reproductive system. Pros: romanticism, loyalty.

Everything can be measured

The scale of vector determination of the sexual constitution for men includes seven parameters:

  • 1. Awakening libido

    The earlier the attraction to the opposite sex appeared, the stronger the sexual constitution. In a strong constitution it is 9–11 years and earlier, in an average 12–14, 15–17 and later - weak.

  • 2. Age of first ejaculation

    10-12 years and earlier - a strong constitution, 13-15 - average, later - weak.

  • 3. Trochanteric index

    This is an anthropometric indicator, it is equal to the ratio of height to leg length, leg length is considered from the foot to the greater trochanter (one of the projections on the femur). For women:

    from 2.01 to 2.05 - strong sexual constitution; from 1.97 to 2.00 - average sexual constitution; from 1.88 to 1.96 - weak sexual constitution. For men:

    from 1.99 to 2.00 - strong sexual constitution; from 1.92 to 1.98 - the average sexual constitution; from 1.85 to 1.91 - weak sexual constitution.

  • 4. The nature of pubic hair.

    Horizontal hair growth is a sign of a weak constitution, the presence of a path to the navel is an average constitution. The pronounced path from the pubic region to the navel is a strong constitution.

  • 5. Maximum kurtosis The

    maximum number of ejaculations per day. 3 or less - a weak type of constitution, 4-6 - medium, 7 or more - strong.

  • 6. Time to reach the conditioned physiological rhythm (UVR) The

    rhythm of sexual activity. This is a certain number of intercourse per week, which lasts for a long period of life. Up to a year - weak, from two to ten - average, more than ten - a strong constitution remains.

  • 7. The absolute age of attaining the UFR

    Up to 26 years old - weak, 27–40 years old - average, more than 40 years old - strong constitution.

From what type of constitution you have the most answers, you belong to that type.

The female scale is more complicated, it includes indicators such as the age of the onset of the first menstruation, the presence / absence of cycle disorders, pregnancies, trochanteric index and the nature of hair growth. Some characteristics (the age of the first orgasm, the age of reaching 100% orgasm, etc.) can be negatively affected by:

  • 1) education in which harmful messages are given, for example, that sex is something dirty and shameful;
  • 2) lack of necessary information;
  • 3) an insensitive partner who is not ready to listen and invest in a relationship.

It is difficult to imagine a person who, armed with a centimeter, dares to make such measurements and mathematical calculations on first dates. Consider signs that are more visual, but no less effective.

At first sight


The higher the testosterone level, the thicker and darker the hairline. Everyday shaving, chest hair and the path from the navel to the pubis are signs of a high temperament. Excess testosterone leads to early male pattern baldness. A woman has the same: the more pronounced and darker the hairline (especially in the pubic region), the more temperamental she is.


It was not for nothing that they used to choose brides at dances. The more plastic a person is, the more he is in contact with his feelings (including sexuality). True, this does not always apply to professional athletes and dancers. They often have to dissociate from the body to cope with stress, discomfort and pain. This leads to plasticity in form, but not in content. In general, the freer the movement, the more active and relaxed a person is in bed. Accordingly, people with a sluggish gait and stiff movements are more likely to manifest themselves in the sexual sphere as well.

Trohunter index

Above, we have discussed how it is calculated. But its meaning is that the higher the testosterone, the faster the growth of the tubular bones that are most distant from the heart, that is, the legs, ends. It turns out that those with short legs have a higher level of temperament. Stories about the love and passion of short men have a scientific basis.

A couple in which one person has a low level of temperament, and the other with a high level, will face misunderstandings, discomfort, resentment. Sexual satisfaction is one of the foundations on which relationships are built. If the temperament matches, the chances of building a happy family increase.

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