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9 Tips For The Hysteroid: How To Use Energy For Peaceful Purposes - Self-development
9 Tips For The Hysteroid: How To Use Energy For Peaceful Purposes - Self-development

Video: 9 Tips For The Hysteroid: How To Use Energy For Peaceful Purposes - Self-development

Video: 9 Tips For The Hysteroid: How To Use Energy For Peaceful Purposes - Self-development
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Bright clothes, fashion accessories, theatrical gestures and loud laughter - such a person can be seen from afar. Representatives of the hysterical psychotype will not let you get bored, but they can tire you with their ideas and constant thirst for attention. Who is a hysteroid and how can he survive the absence of spectators?

This psychotype is accompanied by loud, but often scandalous fame. Self-centeredness is a key word of this nature. It seems to them that the whole world revolves around them. Attention, admiration, recognition are integral parts of their life. Facial expressions, gait, cat plastic, high-flown phrases, vivid emotions for show, sighs and fainting - all this will not leave those around you indifferent.

This posturing has a reason. The psyche of the hysteroid is designed in such a way that he displaces into the unconscious all ideas about himself - both bad and good. And to understand who he is and what he is, he constantly needs feedback. He kind of asks us: “Am I handsome? I'm good? Am I talented? " And without answers from the outside, he is very uncomfortable.

Hysteroids are big inventors and love to lie. They so quickly begin to believe what they have invented on the fly that lies are very believable. Among other disadvantages of this type are irresponsibility and optionality. Promise mountains of gold, and then safely forget about everything? Easy!

"What are the pluses?" - the exposed hysteroid will think with horror. Of course, pluses are indispensable, and they grow directly from minuses. Such a person, with intelligence and curiosity, does not cost anything to properly present himself, promote his or someone else's ideas, inventions, business plans. They are greeted by clothes. And even if the hysteroid does not have his own grandiose goals, he can become an excellent assistant for another. For example, for a schizoid. He's in trouble with self-presentation.

Fantasy can be very much in demand in creative professions and hobbies. Usually the hysteroid itself tends in this direction. And artistry will always come in handy on stage, be it a concert, a TV show or a public lecture. The hysteroid is able to awaken attention, surprise and interest anyone.

Cheat sheet for the hysteroid

  • 1. Love yourself. Assessing others is not the best way to get to know yourself. You may encounter flattery, rudeness, and indifference. The audience changes all the time, but you stay. But you are also able to be in the role of an observer. Imagine a performance about your own life being played out on stage. Only you are in the hall. There is nothing to be ashamed of. What do you see in front of you? Do you like what is happening? Or do you condemn the main character? Write down the key points in your journal. Don't have a diary? Start urgently! And look there often.
  • 2. You are a star. And for some you are just a jester and a joker, behind whose brilliance there is nothing worthwhile. Perhaps now you don't give a damn about such an opinion. Scandal, stupidity, tomfoolery - no matter what, "if only they talk about me." But this reputation can ruin you if your love relationship or work depends on it. Still, try to pull yourself together.
  • 3. Play "quiet." This is a very useful game, especially when you are at a birthday or wedding and the heroes of the occasion should be in the center of the events. Behave like any of your humble acquaintances - sit down in a corner, listen more, speak only when asked. Try to be discreet, but don't overdo it. Otherwise, everyone will begin to suspect that something is wrong with you, and you will again find yourself in the spotlight.
  • 4. Don't humiliate others. Your opponent's flaws and the crooked arrow of your neighbor on the table will not escape your gaze. Well, don't rush to voice it louder. It seems to you that you immediately shine against their background, and you earn yourself bad fame and lose friends. If you notice any flaw and think that you must definitely say about it - do it in private and in the most delicate way. Returning to the example with the arrow, you can quietly whisper in your ear that the lady needs to fix her makeup. Comments about who and where the hands are growing should be kept to yourself.
  • 5. Stop manipulating. Are you wondering why old friends run away when they see you and don't answer your calls? Sooner or later, everyone realizes that he has become a victim of pressure and tries to stay away. If you need something, say it directly, without putting pressure on your guilt and conscience, without blackmailing. Every time you want to ask someone, ask yourself a few questions:

    - What do I really want?

    - Is my request appropriate?

    - What can I repay in return?

    - Will they want to help me if I don't press on pity, threaten, flatter?

    Write down the times when you could not resist and began to manipulate and when you managed to stop in time.

  • 6. Don't make empty promises. Before making a commitment, think: "Do I have the time and opportunity to do this?" Since the word has flown out, look for ways to fulfill the promise. Record scheduled appointments in your diary, use email reminders.
  • 7. Learn to accept criticism with dignity and due consideration. Heard an unpleasant remark? Think if there is some truth in what has been said before arguing and refuting. We are all imperfect. Draw conclusions and take action to correct deficiencies.
  • 8. You are vulnerable to all kinds of charlatans. Stay away from dubious strangers, lottery tables, magic rooms, ask for advice and don't take risky offers alone.
  • 9. Public professions - what the doctor ordered. Your habitat is theater, cinema, television, art. You can also do a great job of spinning a big person.

Remember that self-respect is much more important than someone else's applause. Play your roles on stage, at work, pour out all the theatrical potential there in order to come home, take off your masks and be yourself, giving up all games. Here you are already known and already loved. As it is. Put out the lights! The curtain

Photo: © Viktor Zastolsky / Photobank Lori

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