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How To Bring Back The Joy Of Life - Self-development
How To Bring Back The Joy Of Life - Self-development

Video: How To Bring Back The Joy Of Life - Self-development

Video: How To Bring Back The Joy Of Life - Self-development
Video: How to Get Back On Track With Your Life & Goals 2023, March

“I noticed for myself that lately (six months for sure) I haven’t smile at all. It seems that nothing happened, everything is smooth and smooth, but there is no mood. Perhaps my life is too routine - work, home, family. How to bring back joy? " Evgeniy, 43 years old

It is difficult to imagine a person who has never experienced a feeling of apathy. The modern rhythm of life, stress, exhausting physical and mental stress, illness, personal experiences - this is not a complete list of reasons why the colors of life can fade for a while. This period sometimes lasts several days, or it can be prolonged, as in your case. These conditions are most often signs of depression or burnout.

Of course, it is difficult to diagnose on the basis of several sentences, but if you do not want to seek face-to-face consultation, you can try to figure out the causes of depression yourself. There is always a reason: explicit or implicit, but it is always present, and under certain circumstances the trigger is triggered. The obvious sources of depression are not so difficult to deal with - job loss, divorce, diagnosed illness, loss of loved ones, etc. With the reasons implicit, the situation is different - the person is not aware of what led him to a low mood, loss of interest and joy. He doesn't understand when this could have happened.

Unable to answer these questions, a person begins to feel anxiety and sort out possible reasons. Memories of disappointments and grievances climb into my head, life seems boring and devoid of meaning. The loss of the ability to rejoice, in fact, is a loss of motivation - fatigue and emotional emptiness replace activity.

This form of depression, usually caused by everyday stress, is a response to stress that the psyche found it difficult to cope with

Are you getting enough rest? Do you have personal space? The ability to devote time to yourself, isolate yourself from everyone and be alone with yourself is that natural boundary in a relationship that helps restore emotional balance.

You write that you haven’t smiled for six months, and you make the assumption that the reason is in the routine. And what happened six months ago? Did your home, family, business, which you do, please you? If work was enjoyable, and then suddenly stopped, this is not the same as if you have been doing an unloved business all your life. The same goes for home and family. You yourself can ask yourself if the marriage was a joy before you noticed a decrease in your activity. Or it was a union, which initially was dominated by irritation, claims, overestimated expectations.

In the first examples, loss of interest is a consequence, and in the second it is a cause. In both cases, there is a common thing, what you are experiencing is internal discomfort. Imagine how hard it is to live every day feeling under the weight should be.

You have to go to a boring job, because it gives you the opportunity to support your family and serve your needs.

You have to go home to your wife and child, who are irritating.

It is logical that such a burden of debt leads to emotional exhaustion. Reflect on whether you are doing a lot of what you really want. Or vice versa, don't do what you don't want to. It is very important that life attitudes and values are authentic, only yours.

When a person realizes that he can follow his desires, that there is always a choice, his views change. You can work at your unloved job, or you can work at your beloved. And the second option will always be preferable, if only because it will meet your desires.

You can treat children from the standpoint of duty, or you can treat children from the standpoint of voluntarily assumed obligations. The child appeared in the family because you wanted him: as a source of joy with all the "side effects" in the form of whims, sleepless nights, etc. It is the same with his wife: are you happy with this particular person? Is this what you wanted? Your life and your desires are a huge and difficult topic to discuss. But only you can return the feeling of joy and understand what is valuable to you and what is not.

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