The Film "Irrational Man": How To Restore Justice - Reviews
The Film "Irrational Man": How To Restore Justice - Reviews

Video: The Film "Irrational Man": How To Restore Justice - Reviews

Video: The Film "Irrational Man": How To Restore Justice - Reviews
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Abe Lucas is a middle-aged man, a teacher with a penchant for philosophy and reflection. He is going through an existential crisis hard: he has stagnation in creativity, problems in relationships with women, loss of the meaning of life.

Irrational Man, USA, 2015

Director: Woody Allen

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone

A student in love, Jill decides to save him, but in the end she almost dies herself. Abe is brought out of the crisis by a conversation he overheard. The man learns about the injustice that can be admitted in court, and decides to act irrationally: to restore justice by killing the judge.

Equity issues are always difficult. It is no coincidence that the legal system is so complex and includes many amendments. The basic concept of justice is innate, even in animals. Justice is associated with the restoration of equilibrium, and homeostasis is the basic conservation law of any system. But a person is a complex creature, and personality problems - neurosis - can be superimposed on innate healthy schemes. Then the idea of justice is distorted, which can lead to tragedies. For example, in cultures with a significant value of blood feud, entire families sometimes disappeared.

Often, the desire for revenge is dictated by the idea that you know better than others what is right and what is not. So Abe falls into the trap of his pride. Having committed one crime, he is afraid of exposure and decides on another murder. What to do if you have been hurt and want revenge?

  • 1. Do not reproach yourself for this desire, because it is natural. Feeling emotion doesn't mean doing an action. In fantasies, we can do incredible things with the offender, but this is mental compensation, but in reality nothing threatens anyone.
  • 2. Try to clarify the relationship. More often than not, we offend each other unconsciously: through stupidity or misunderstanding. Perhaps an apology will be enough for you to restore balance?
  • 3. If you decide to take revenge, remember: you are responsible for your actions. Take your time and consider: Will revenge really help you stop feeling pain?

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