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Meet The Schizoid! - Self-development
Meet The Schizoid! - Self-development

Video: Meet The Schizoid! - Self-development

Video: Meet The Schizoid! - Self-development
Video: The Schizoid Mind- How do schizoids think and why do they self-isolate? 2023, March

Each of us has met such mysterious characters: disheveled hair, a worn stale suit, a distant look and speech filled with frightening terms. All these are traits of the schizoid personality type. Perhaps you recognized yourself in this portrait? Well, you have something to be proud of and something to work on.

Let's try to draw a portrait of a classic schizoid. A loner, detached from others in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Glasses, hoods, books and headphones block him from the noisy world. The schizoid does not attach any importance to the appearance. Fashion doesn't bother him at all. Absent-minded and awkward, living inside, not outside, he "joins" life when he meets like-minded people or someone touches on topics of interest to him. Here he can show off his intellect and argue for life and death. And God forbid you blurt out out of place - you will be immediately publicly caught and corrected.

The disadvantages of this psychotype include vulnerability, lack of communication, difficulty understanding others, distraction, clumsiness and confusion of thoughts. On the other hand, schizoids are dry or even callous philosophers and experimenters, owners of the richest inner world, behind a high fence of which you can see something grandiose. It is to these people that we owe the world discoveries and inventions. And they will surprise us more than once in the future. This type is constantly researching or pondering something, and they really enjoy the process.

Tips for the schizoid

    • Schizoids who know how to promote their ideas are excellent programmers, scientists, philosophers, writers and artists. You probably won't want to work as an actor or ballet dancer. But in science and creativity, your personality traits can bear great fruit. Therefore, you need to learn how to put things in order in your thoughts, especially when you are going to share them orally or in writing.
    • If you are a schizoid, then you should definitely keep a diary and a diary. In a diary, begin to describe your feelings about the events taking place in your life, track them, get acquainted with them. A planner will help you organize yourself. Make a plan for the day, week, month, enter important events, meetings, events there. Also, reminders about hygiene and cosmetic procedures will not harm.
    • Don't miss the various possibilities of modern technology: alarms, timers, reminders on your phone. Place brightly colored stickers on the walls. All this will help to organize your life, which means it will save your energy for new discoveries and inventions.
    • You probably already know that serving drinks on a tray is not your strong point. Glasses and their contents are at risk of ending up on the floor. To develop your motor skills, practice doing simple household chores, look for ways to make your daily routines as safe as possible for you and those around you. Hold heavy, sharp, fragile or hot objects firmly with both hands (use gloves or potholders if necessary), do not climb behind a book, standing on a swivel chair, remove all unnecessary obstacles from the road.
    • Sports, especially dancing, can help make your body more flexible. You will find the courage to go to class - great. You cannot "disgrace yourself" - use video materials from the Internet. Even the most ordinary morning exercises will do you good. To develop fine motor skills, master knitting or embroidery.
    • Relationships are not easy for you, and you are ready to give them up altogether. Rare attempts to start a company or family run into failure and leave you in the usual loneliness. Dealing with your handicaps will help you connect with others. Follow the standard rules of etiquette: do not insult, do not offend, do not ridicule, do not show your superiority, let the interlocutor "save face".
    • Look for like-minded people and communicate more often with those around you. Make people interesting objects for you to observe. You need to find emotions in them, recognize them and try to find them in yourself.
    • In order to make new acquaintances easier, pay attention to your appearance. All this is so insignificant in comparison with your new theory … But it is unlikely that the pretty girl standing opposite suspects your genius. But a wrinkled T-shirt and dirty shoes are visible from afar. You can stay away from fashion trends and brands, but the cleanliness and adequacy of your outfit to the place and situation is a necessary minimum. It is best if you ask a non-schizoid friend or shop assistant for help. Refresh your wardrobe and keep its contents intact and fresh.

Let's try to briefly formulate the secret of your success: you should learn how to shape your invaluable thoughts and be a little "closer to the people." Humanity will appreciate your merits.

Photo: © Sergey Lagutin / Photobank Lori

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