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Lose Weight Effortlessly - News
Lose Weight Effortlessly - News

Video: Lose Weight Effortlessly - News

Video: Lose Weight Effortlessly - News
Video: The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight 2023, March

Food is known to be essential for survival. Therefore, our brain is able to very quickly notice edible and do everything to get it. In the last few decades (for the first time in millions of years of evolution!), We have had plenty of tasty and high-calorie food. When there is so much food, we often succumb to temptation, overeat and gain weight. And then comes the realization - we should learn to control ourselves

What it is?

Experimental psychology comes to the rescue: we can teach our brain to overcome temptations without exhausting willpower and without making promises to ourselves. It turns out that we can change our preferences in a playful way.

The research laboratory of the journal "Our Psychology" has developed a special application. The player is encouraged to quickly choose only healthy food, not paying attention to high-calorie foods. The goal of the game is not to make you stop using such foods, but to teach the brain to resist temptations, and on a subconscious level, automatically.

How it works?

This method has been successfully tested in several scientific experiments, including in our laboratory. If you follow the program for a few minutes a day for a month, you will have greater control over impulsive behavior and it will become easier to refuse excess food. The result is a loss of a couple of kilograms of excess weight after a month of training. Moreover, the effect lasts up to six months.

According to the assessment of the results, the players can be divided into two groups. Some say that they have not changed anything in their diet, but have lost a kilogram or two. Others note that they calmly and easily refuse the food that they used to go crazy with (and also get rid of excess weight).

An application developed for Android and Apple has already appeared on

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