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Family From The Internet - Society
Family From The Internet - Society

Video: Family From The Internet - Society

Video: Family From The Internet - Society
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Once upon a time, no one took online dating seriously. Fictitious names, photos of supermodels and macho, unambiguous sentences - entertainment for teenagers and "pick-up artists". And today, many have living examples of families created through a meeting on a social network or on specialized dating sites. Well, it happens that modern technology plays the role of Cupid.

This way of having a romance has many adherents and opponents. Let's start with the pros.


On dating sites, it is necessary to fill out a detailed questionnaire containing questions both about yourself and about the "applicant". This makes us think, and whom, in fact, we would like to see next, to highlight the priority qualities. Very often, beautiful successful young women cannot find a match for themselves, but when asked what kind of man they are looking for, they answer with silence. The questionnaire helps to direct thoughts in the right direction.

Such a "sketch" is useful not only on the Internet, but also in real life. With its help, you will weed out unsuitable applicants for the hand and heart and take a closer look at those with whom along the way. So, if you are “actively searching”, the first thing to do is set up your “filters”.

Worldwide coverage

“We met my husband on the X site. I registered there more out of curiosity, and he was persuaded by a friend who was a longtime user of this site. It immediately became clear that we have a lot in common, similar views and hobbies. We still always have something to talk about,”Elena shares with us.

The Internet allows you to meet people from all over the world. It is clear that the chances of meeting by chance in Australia or Africa are much lower. Here you can, without leaving your home, find a real like-minded person, a “soul mate”.

Without hesitation

The computer screen creates a sense of security, helping to overcome the shyness that prevents meeting people on the street or in a cafe. There is no need to hide hands shaking with excitement, no one will laugh at the flaws in appearance, and if something does not like in a new acquaintance, you can remove it from your life with one click. Of course, sooner or later you will have to meet live, but you will have time to more or less figure out what kind of person is in front of you, and you will feel much more confident.


Most dating and social networking sites are free or require a symbolic amount. There is no need to buy tickets to the theater or to the cinema, leave the house, waste time on the road to the place of appointment. This feature can be regarded in different ways, but this is a definite plus for busy people.

Creating your own "page" does not guarantee success at all. Virtual love also has its drawbacks.

Tasteless and odorless

One of the big drawbacks is the lack of non-verbal information. Gestures, glances, smell - this is enough to fall in love with a stranger and not enough to fall in love with a “pleasant and interesting” work colleague.

“It felt very strange for the first few hours. A person who is familiar to you from the inside suddenly turns out to be a stranger and new outwardly. But after a while everything fell into place,”says Sofya about the first face-to-face meeting with her future husband.

However, not all dates go well. It happens that a new friend repels something in appearance or behavior, the acquaintance has to be cut off.

Natural selection

Before you meet a decent person, you will have to weed out a lot of simple onlookers, people with frivolous or selfish goals, you can stumble upon real scammers, maniacs and marriage swindlers.

One resourceful guy replenished the balance of his phone with the help of people who wanted to meet a pretty blonde. Men pecked at the photo of a beautiful girl and transferred money to "her" number …

Your “dream” may suddenly end the correspondence, turn out to be “not the same” or “not the same” as you imagined. The likelihood of disappointment does not depend on where you meet. Online novels evoke very strong emotions; here, too, it can be offensive and painful. The breakup of a couple that has not yet taken place in reality sometimes leads to a real depression.

Love digital

Virtual romances can be full of passion, but such a relationship shouldn't harm real life. Do not drag out the correspondence for years. If you really like someone, you need to arrange a face-to-face meeting. It is a real date that is the beginning of a joint future: no one has canceled going to the cinema and sitting with friends in a cafe.

Tips for beginners

  • To understand who you are dealing with, do not be lazy to go to the applicant's social page. The news feed and friends list can tell a lot about a person. Videos and personal photos also create a fairly complete portrait of the applicant.
  • Write only the truth to yourself and use realistic fresh pictures without Photoshop. After all, you want sincerity from a potential life partner? Everything should be simple, clear, without undue frankness in expressions and postures. Overly beautiful and erotic pictures in the profile scare away. A well-chosen photo will help you to be noticed by those who are looking for you.
  • Take your time to share your phone number and home address. You always need to take care of your safety. Before you meet, talk using a video camera, and be sure to make your first date in a crowded place.
  • The topic of a real meeting for applicants from different countries is especially relevant. The best option: a man flies to a woman, and they stay together or separately at the hotel. Desperate ladies who have thrown themselves into the arms of the unknown (he has no money for a ticket, he is afraid to fly, he is very busy), most likely, will be disappointed. A man interested in a serious relationship will find time and money.
  • Any pressure, attempts to manipulate your feelings should alert you. Very often deceivers ask for money for an "urgent operation" or "at the mercy of the bandits." Unfortunately, there are a great many sad stories of deceived lovers, and the victims are often far from stupid people.

What is the difference between families from the worldwide web? They are as real as the rest, with their sorrows and joys. “Online dating has become the second most common way to establish romantic relationships in Russia,” says the Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

According to a survey by VTsIOM on the ways of organizing their personal life and their effectiveness, 35% of Russians enlisted the help of friends, and 22% were looking for a couple on dating sites and in social networks. Of those who have never looked for love on the Internet, 50% of those surveyed are skeptical about such acquaintances, but 57% of those who have tried this route consider it effective.

Photo: © Andrey Popov / Photobank Lori

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