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4 Factors Of Luck - Image
4 Factors Of Luck - Image

Video: 4 Factors Of Luck - Image

Video: 4 Factors Of Luck - Image
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Everyone in the environment has a friend who is constantly lucky. At least it seems so from the outside. However, psychologists argue that luck is not so much a successful development as the willingness of the person himself to take advantage of the opportunities that life offers him.

1. Analyze your past successes

Relying on other people or waiting for a good fortune is at least ineffective. A lucky person knows that his successes, like his failures, depend more on what actions he takes. Remember the moments of your ups. What boded success? What were your reactions? These answers contain "keys" that will help you understand what exactly is the best motivation for you and helps you achieve your goals.

2. Trust your intuition

We often have an inexplicable sense of what to expect from a particular situation and people. In most cases, it is worth listening to your own feelings, because intuition is not something from the realm of fantasy, but the voice of our subconscious.

For example, during negotiations in one of the companies, you felt uncomfortable, and you had a feeling that you should not cooperate with these people, although there is no good reason for this. Why did it happen? Perhaps the employees looked stressed because the firm was not doing well financially. And although you did not have this information, you felt a kind of inconsistency due to emotional calibration with other people. This is how intuition works.

Therefore, you should at least listen to your inner feelings.

3. Concentrate on what you are doing at the moment

When you dive into thinking about past failures, you start acting like a robot: repeating past mistakes, doing what you did before, and then complaining about a boring and uninteresting life. And on the contrary, when you are passionate about something and feel elated, you are crystal clear about what is happening around, fully living every moment. In such conditions, all people and events bring good luck. Therefore, learn not to dwell on negative feelings, because they are temporary - be "here and now"!

4. Surround yourself with people who share your values

The environment with which you become more lucky are associates who believe in you and support you in various endeavors. It is a mistake to believe that if your circle of acquaintances includes successful and rich people, then they contribute to your development. In fact, the support of like-minded people is much more important. Minimize communication with those who are looking for negativity in everything or criticize any of your actions.

The main thing is to remember that everything is in your hands and to act with sincere kindness and confidence in your ideas. Then the right people will appear nearby, since a good cause will always attract supporters!

Photo: © Evgeny Atamanenko / Photobank Lori

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