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The Most Important Thing Is Order In The House? You Are An Epileptoid! - Self-development
The Most Important Thing Is Order In The House? You Are An Epileptoid! - Self-development

Video: The Most Important Thing Is Order In The House? You Are An Epileptoid! - Self-development

Video: The Most Important Thing Is Order In The House? You Are An Epileptoid! - Self-development
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Everything in your house is polished to a shine and placed strictly in its place, you are neat, hardworking, clean and always ready to stand up for yourself. But everyone around is stretching their (dirty) hands to your order and well-being. Everything is clear - you are an epileptoid. This means that you are respected and feared.

The epileptoid radical, as well as the psychasthenic, was not lucky enough to become the owner of a strong nervous system. Its peculiarity is that negative emotions first stagnate inside, and then accumulate and cause an explosive reaction to an innocent stimulus. Since childhood, this creates obstacles for the epileptoid on the way to peaceful interaction with others. Constantly spoiled mood, envy, rancor, revenge, thirst for power and absolute coldness to the interests of others - an incomplete list of the "merits" of the epileptoid psychotype, but our hero always goes ahead and does not particularly doubt his righteousness.

However, this is only one side of the coin. Pedantry, accuracy, efficiency and diligence make the epileptoid a good worker. Courage, determination, perseverance and attention to detail are beneficial qualities for your career and personal life. Most often, representatives of this psychotype are loyal and caring spouses. And admixtures of other radicals smooth out the acute angles of epileptoidy.

Tips for the Pedant

Irritability and its consequences are associated with the characteristics of the nervous system and with great difficulty give in to the wishes of its owner. In response to any negative signal, the epileptoid arises precisely aggression, she is impatient to come out. This fact should be used not as an excuse, but as a guide to action - more often to discharge your "heavy artillery" in a safe direction

For emotional relief, drawing, embroidery, knitting, any kind of creativity and craft that require attention to detail are well suited

  • Try to step over “I don’t want to” and “I’m ashamed of how” and at least once do something completely unusual for you: skip a lecture, oversleep work, have an unusual hobby, put on something “such”. Just try it, you will love it! The results of such a “runaway” may pleasantly surprise you! So, it makes sense to continue experimenting.
  • Aggression and irritation will help throw out sports, preferably extreme ones. The risk helps to shake up the whole body, release steam and find a second wind.
  • Do not get carried away with alcohol. The propensity for alcoholism and the likelihood of breaking wood by degrees are sufficient arguments for choosing drinks.
  • At the heart of the desire to keep everything under control is anxiety: "What if something irreparable happens?" Think of a couple of times in which, despite tireless control, you did not manage to get away with it. Is it worth spending so much effort on something that does not bring results? It is not necessary to slip into complete carelessness. You can just relax the onslaught a little. Imagine what would happen if you, for example, did not check whether the door was securely closed. Is it so terrible? Is there any point in continuing to be afraid? Work this way on the most common situations, and next time have time to say to yourself: “Stop! We already went through this! Nothing wrong!"
  • In order not to suffer the feeling that you are surrounded by only idiots, learn to see dignity in people: Lena always comes to work on time and talks politely, Vanya is ready to help in difficult times, Tolik is a generator of ideas. When meeting someone, make it a habit to scrutinize the person in search of pluses, not minuses: well dressed, smart, cheerful, witty, slender, and so on.

What is more important: people or order in the house? Of course people. Remind yourself of this before you give your child or spouse another thrashing about the mess on the table. Try to moderate your demands, there will be fewer reasons for quarrels

  • To cheer yourself up, keep a joy diary. Write down at least three positive events per day. Nice little things or big victories - everything is worthy of attention! At first, it will take an effort not to abandon the diary. But when you see the results, you will want to maintain this pleasant ritual.
  • Determination and toughness makes you a born employee of law enforcement agencies, attentiveness and responsibility, a love of cleanliness will come in handy in medicine, the ability to work with small details gives you a chance for success in the profession of a jeweler.

You can become a cruel tyrant or a reliable family man and a responsible partner. You can subdue the other by force or earn real respect. You can keep getting angry or smiling. The choice is yours

Photo: © Nelli Iudintceva / Photobank Lori

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