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Form, Hold On! - The Quality Of Life
Form, Hold On! - The Quality Of Life

Video: Form, Hold On! - The Quality Of Life

Video: Form, Hold On! - The Quality Of Life
Video: Toto - Hold The Line (Official Video) 2023, March

"Long and painfully losing weight" for vacation ", on vacation again gained extra pounds. How to adjust yourself to maintain shape so that there are no such jerks? Antonina, 43 years old

The question that you are asking worries many, and there is no unambiguous, only correct solution. Let's try to figure it out. The topic of losing weight by summer is firmly included in the minds of people, and there is a healthy grain in it. There is a specific goal, a specific time to achieve it, and by hook or by crook a person seeks to "meet the deadline." But as practice shows, such a "crisis" version of working with your weight has many disadvantages that you have encountered.

First, it takes a long time. If we talk about the correction of the figure of a normal person who is not obese, then the normal rate is 1.5-2 kg per month, up to 10-12 kg per year. And here we see that many diets and systems that suggest losing 10 kg per week are clearly not going to be "healthy" weight loss options. Typically, these emergency diets do more harm than good; and while you may lose weight quickly, it is usually almost impossible to maintain this result.

Secondly, such diets are based on a calorie deficit of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which turns the process of such weight loss into a real hard labor for your body. For example, supporters of low-carb diets find it difficult to effectively engage in mental work during periods of adherence. And this is only the physiological layer of this problem. At the level of behavior, a person falls into a standard obsessive-compulsive mechanism, where it restrains and limits (obsession) for a long time and after passing a certain point (as a rule, this is the number we need on the scales), he lets go of himself and begins to unrestrainedly satisfy the need he is holding back (compulsion). Unfortunately, any diet based on tight restrictions will have this phase sooner or later.

To create the right mood and keep in shape, you need to understand that short-term goals are just an external stimulus, and if we invest in it, we need to remember that summer will pass, vacation will happen, and we continue to eat every day

Then working with long-term goals can be a good start for drawing up a successful strategy. It is important not just to lose weight, it is important to understand why? What quality of life suits you, in what weight and what is not? How do you want to feel not just on vacation, but on a daily basis. What glances would you like to catch on yourself?

The effectiveness and real benefits of any diet can be analyzed in several questions. The key question for me is "How long can I stick to this nutrition program?" As a rule, all emergency diets are not suitable here, as in the future, after 2 weeks, you will begin to feel worse, both physically and mentally. Try to choose the healthy food that you enjoy, make it a daily habit. As a rule, the body will respond very well to such a scheme, where it gets what it really needs every day. Imagine that you need to choose a nutritional program not for a month, but for years, then what will change? What are you really willing to give up and what not? The less restraints and restrictions, the lower the likelihood of failure.

The psychological part of the dilemma lies in the question: "What is the need behind the urgent need to lose weight for the vacation?" A common story about the fact that eating and overeating is one of the signs of hanging anxiety (and any trip to a new, unfamiliar place is an aggravating factor), which "seizes", the stomach is warm and pleasant and anxiety seems to be less. And then an important way out of this vicious circle is 1 small question, asking yourself you can very quickly get the hang of noticing what I really want now?

The moment you open the fridge or try to buy another dessert, it is important to understand what is behind it. Indeed, for everyone there is something of their own, discussing this within the framework of personal therapy with your psychologist, you can improve your understanding of yourself, start to distinguish your needs, get rid of old automatisms and get support. This strategy will help you create a new eating habits and will allow you to stick with them for a long time.

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