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Farewell Summer! Or Back To School - Society
Farewell Summer! Or Back To School - Society

Video: Farewell Summer! Or Back To School - Society

Video: Farewell Summer! Or Back To School - Society
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"The vacation is over, I don't know how to resume the working regime, to prepare the 12-year-old son for school days?" Ekaterina, 32 years old

Everything is provided

If the child's rest and workload during the holidays was reasonable, then you can do without any special preparation for school. In any case, the child will adapt for the first 3-4 weeks, and the school curriculum is built accordingly.

How to help your child enter the learning process more smoothly?

Do not ship ahead of time

What you should definitely not do is overload the child with educational material even before the start of classes. It is very important for a child to gain strength before the new school year. In both an adult and a schoolchild, the reason for the lack of interest in work and study activities is often a banal lack of rest.

Cheerful morning

There are things that are better to be fixed before school starts. For example, sleep mode, that is, adjust the baby's circadian rhythms. So that the stress due to the change in the daily routine is not added to the inevitable stress in the first days of school. As you know, a well-built sleep and wakefulness regime is the basis of health, both physical and emotional. If the regimen is lost, you can try to establish it a couple of weeks before study. For example, schedule interesting activities for the first half of the day, for which you will have to get up early. So the child will gradually enter the "working" mode.

Schedule for August

Another tool that will help reduce anxiety before school days is planning the day, allocating your resources. Since the child is just learning this, you need to sit down with him and think about what needs to be done before school, what to buy, what tasks to finish, and some, perhaps, not necessary. And together to make a schedule, it relieves anxiety well and teaches planning skills.

Don't be afraid, I'm with you

You can sit down and talk to your child about how he is set up before school. And if he has any fears, let him speak them out. Usually the child's anxieties are irrational, that is, they do not correspond to reality. Speaking and talking is already a relief. For example, if a child is afraid to bring a deuce in the first weeks, it is important to make him understand that you are on his side anyway and will support him, that he is not alone. Explain that there are usually no serious assessment assignments in the first weeks of school and that the rest of the students, like him, will try to enter the learning process after the summer break. In any case, the child should feel protection and support from you, that he will not be left alone with difficulties.

Your boy is at a difficult age. Changes in physiology cannot but affect the emotional state of the adolescent, conflicts in the family, difficulties with study and others associated with an age crisis are possible. But, if you have patience and do not lose contact with the child, the problems will soon go away.

Photo: © Gennadiy Poznyakov / Photobank Lori

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