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5 Reasons Why We Do Not Lose Weight - The Quality Of Life
5 Reasons Why We Do Not Lose Weight - The Quality Of Life

In modern society, it is fashionable to be slim, and most of the fair sex make a lot of efforts to bring the forms in line with the standard. But few people think about the fact that extra pounds can play an important protective function at the psychological level. And only by understanding what exactly caused the change in appearance, you can really solve the problem.

Nutritionists and psychologists are unanimous in the fact that excess weight has more complex and deeper reasons than just the inability to balance the diet - every fat person has their own "skeletons in the closet." Without honest research into the psychological causes of excess weight, it can be difficult to achieve lasting and lasting results. Let's try to figure out what obstacles hinder the path to the desired figure.

1. Lack of love

At first, the child in childhood lacked parental love, and then often the deficit of this feeling continues to haunt a person in adulthood. Unconsciously, we strive to fill the deficit in the same way as in infancy - through the mouth. This is an eternal symbol of the unity of a mother with her baby - when she feeds her baby with breast milk, they are closer than ever. The desire to seize experiences in adulthood is, in fact, an unconscious attempt to return to the lost feeling of unity and closeness with a loved one.

What to do?

Show love for yourself and your body through wise care, not through chocolate and cakes. Start your morning with meditation. Get up in front of the mirror (preferably without clothes), stroke yourself, starting from the head, and praise: “You are my beauty! How I love you the way you are! " Loving and accepting yourself is as important as breathing!

2. Psychosocial habits

The generation that survived the famine of war grew up, urged on by the constant "Eat to the end!" This is a habit of survival of distant years, which has become social: each of us remembers how he was forced to eat everything in a cup. But we live in an era of abundance, and the need to gorge itself for the future is no longer relevant.

What to do?

Remind yourself that you are an adult and no one else can force you to eat unless you are hungry. Reinforce your confidence that there is always food available and abundant in the world. Eat food - indicators of hunger! They help reprogram the body from a lack of food to abundance and selectivity.

3. Justifying your life failures

When a streak of failures comes in life and things don't go the way they want, a person experiences stress. For consolation, the easiest way is to turn to the refrigerator, because when we are full, we experience warmth and peace. However, at the same time, people imperceptibly gain kilogram after kilogram, which provokes even more dissatisfaction - in addition to themselves.

What to do?

Learn to be happy with what you have: home, work, salary, loved ones. Make gratitude for your present daily prayer. Do not overestimate the requirements for yourself - in such a state it is difficult to feel the joy of success, and you will soon slide into the abyss of discontent. Yes, you need to set goals and achieve them, but at the same time it is important to rely on common sense, discarding unrealistic or imposed from outside in time. Set goals that make you happier, not better than everyone else.

4. Convenience

Oddly enough, it is convenient for us to feed each other, to be fat and ugly. This gives many benefits: you can not try to keep yourself in good shape, not develop the ability to build close relationships, not admit your mistakes, you can get sick, complain, feel sorry for yourself and receive attention from loved ones.

It is very convenient to shift the entire burden of responsibility for excess weight onto genetics - she cannot answer with anything! There are whole families where excess weight seems to pursue several generations and everyone sincerely believes that they have hereditary fullness. The tendency to be overweight is indeed genetically transmitted, but you and only you give permission to manifest itself, even if you do not realize it.

What to do?

Don't blame your genes by continuing to lead your normal life. Make the decision to make your birth body beautiful and work on it!

5. Fears

Some people are afraid of increased attention to themselves, and excess weight serves as a kind of protective shell. For example, those in whose life there were cases of violence. Fear of change is no less effective at restraining the positive dynamics: the girl is losing weight, but it is unusual for her in a new image. Or, on the contrary, she wanted to change, but it did not work out, and the fear of failure arose, that is, negative experiences.

What to do?

In order to change the stereotypes of behavior and change or not defend against violence with weight, it is necessary to face these experiences consciously and create new models of thinking - that is, to play these situations and create other scenarios in them. To do this, you should seek the advice of a professional psychotherapist.

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