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Orlova And Alexandrov: A Series About The "family Formula" - Reviews
Orlova And Alexandrov: A Series About The "family Formula" - Reviews

Video: Orlova And Alexandrov: A Series About The "family Formula" - Reviews

Video: Orlova And Alexandrov: A Series About The "family Formula" - Reviews
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"Stalin's favorite actress", "Soviet Marlene Dietrich", the star of the Soviet cinema … As soon as they called Lyubov Orlova. For several generations of moviegoers, she has become an idol and a legend. Her love and creative union with the director Grigory Alexandrov, a student of the great Sergei Eisenstein, turned out to be successful and long-lasting. It is not known what no longer gave rest to envious people: the social success of this couple or a happy marriage?..

Series "Orlova and Alexandrov", Russia, 2015

Director: Vitaly Moskalenko

Cast: Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Anatoly Bely, Yulia Rutberg, etc.

In the series, two layers can be interesting: the historical and the love line. Yes, the film is fiction, and the interpretation of the images of some historical figures is controversial, but the idea of that era is being formed. Viewers can learn little-known historical facts, recall undeservedly forgotten cultural figures who suffered from repressions … Separately, I would like to note the vivid images of playwright Nikolai Erdman (Alexey Vertkov) and cameraman Vladimir Nielsen (Sergei Chirkov).

And viewers can try to penetrate the success of a happy marriage. The heroes of another Russian film were looking for a "formula of love", and in this series we get to know the "formula of the family."

Research on the motivation for marriage shows that love is not the most common reason for starting a family. Obligations, calculation, escape from loneliness appear more often. But it is love marriages that are most likely to be successful

After all, life together is full of contradictions, the need to make compromises and sacrifices, and only for a loved one this can be done with pleasure.

But love alone is not enough. There is an equally forgotten value: respect. Love without respect condemns marriage to deliberate failure. Perhaps it was mutual respect and admiration that helped Orlova and Alexandrov to maintain their marriage for many years, despite numerous difficulties. In Soviet Russia, they all their lives turned to each other on "you" (apparently, Orlova's aristocratic roots played a role). There is a popular saying: "Love me less, treat me better." Usually in families, love is enough, but it takes a distorted form if respect is lacking. Attempts to control a partner, jealousy, checks and limitations - behind this lies the partner's importance … and lack of respect. Moreover, respect is what should be between all family members, without exception, including small children: they also need to be respected.

We offer you questions to help you explore your respect for your partner.

Respect is indicated by the “yes” answers to questions 1, 7-10. And the answer is no to questions 2-6.

  • 1. Do you recognize your partner's right to private time not associated with you? The right to spend a weekend or even a vacation without you?
  • 2. Do you allow yourself to raise your voice to him?
  • 3. Do you allow name-calling and abusive expressions addressed to him?
  • 4. Do you check (explicitly or secretly) his mail and mobile?
  • 5. Track his actions on social networks and actions in relation to him (who likes him, what comments writes …)?
  • 6. Do you expect him to report on his actions and movements during the day? Do you control with the questions “Where are you? With whom? What are you doing?"?
  • 7. Does your partner have a right to have a different opinion from yours?
  • 8. Can he have friends you don't know?
  • 9. Do you recognize his right to deny you requests?
  • 10. Are you ready to accept the fact that your partner does not meet your expectations in everything?

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