How To Stop Being A Sucker - Self-development
How To Stop Being A Sucker - Self-development

Video: How To Stop Being A Sucker - Self-development

Video: How To Stop Being A Sucker - Self-development
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I can't finish a single case. Many times I started to study in different courses, in the gym, tried to learn the language, but always gave up halfway. I didn't even get a license, I didn't finish my studies at a driving school. Mikhail, 29 years old

In the ancient Slavic language there was such a verb - "lash out", it was used to describe a broom, whose weaving weakened, twigs began to disintegrate and stick out in all directions. You can't sweep anything with such a broom, and they called it "sucker". So, etymologically and metaphorically, a "sucker" is a person who takes on ten cases and does not complete a single one. No offense!

What is the reason for this phenomenon? There can be many options. Perhaps it's a lack of patience and self-discipline. Or you have already taken on an overwhelming burden of responsibilities. Maybe the things that you start do not match your inclinations and skills. There is a possibility that we are talking about deep personality traits - for example, you find it difficult to complete the processes, and for some unconscious reasons you are afraid of parting with people, summing up, the transition from one stage of life to another. Hence the avoidance of completed cases: if you quit halfway, you never have to put an end to it. Who knows - maybe it's safer for you?

These are all guesses, and without additional information and work with oneself, it is difficult to assert for sure. The main question is what to do about it.

First, focus your efforts and not be scattered. Pick the one thing that really sounds right, "mine." Coaches of professional self-determination sometimes say that in order to master a certain business, you need to read 500 books on this topic. If you cannot, then the topic is not yours. You can figuratively imagine that instead of dissipating time and energy "horizontally" into three to five or ten different things, it is worth investing "vertically" into one channel and moving up this ladder to success.

An important factor for completing the work started is the support of loved ones and like-minded people. If you go to classes with a friend or colleague, there will be less risk of missing out - you won't want to let each other down. If you are practicing something on your own at home, ask your family to remind you of it at a specific time. Let it be an external motivation at first, and then a strong enough habit will form inside you, reminders will no longer be needed. At the same time, loved ones will rejoice at your success. Look for suitable communities on the network and forge contacts in an area of interest to you. More fun and effective together.

Finally, don't set yourself too ambitious goals. A proven recipe: cut your big dreams into chunks and start small. Step by step is easier than jumping many kilometers in length at once. And figure out how to reward yourself for every little victory. You cannot praise yourself - no one will!

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