The Series "The Tenth Kingdom": How To Forgive Parents - Reviews
The Series "The Tenth Kingdom": How To Forgive Parents - Reviews

Video: The Series "The Tenth Kingdom": How To Forgive Parents - Reviews

Video: The Series "The Tenth Kingdom": How To Forgive Parents - Reviews
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An evil sorceress is trying to seize power over all fairy kingdoms. However, in the tenth kingdom lives the one who can stop her. Fairy inhabitants turn to her for help.

The tenth kingdom turns out to be … our world, and the potential heroine is a simple waitress Virginia. She falls into a fairy tale and challenges the evil queen. On the way to victory, she is waiting for the support of some fairy-tale characters and opposition from others.

The series "The Tenth Kingdom", UK, Germany, USA, 1999

Directed by: David Carson, Herbert Wise

Cast: Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Scott Cohen, John Larrockett, Dianne Wiest, etc.

The series is filmed with humor, viewers of different ages can watch it, and everyone will find something for themselves. A fairy tale is a universal metaphor that everyone can understand. The heroine gains the upper hand not because she defeats the evil queen, but because she forgives and accepts her mother.

Virginia's mother abandoned her as a child. She turns out to be an evil sorceress from a fairy tale, with whom the heroine fights. In fairy tales, the negative image of the mother often takes on the appearance of an evil sorceress, an insidious stepmother, or Baba Yaga. And the heroes of the fairy tale must defeat them, symbolically outgrow their childhood, reach maturity. Childhood is a stage of idealizing parents, a desire to earn their love and approval. Adolescence is a period of rebellion against parents, denial of their authority and value. Anyone who is stuck in their childhood grievances and does not even try to forgive their parents remains an infantile personality.

Of course, grudges can be legitimate, but it's important to remember the following:

  • First, there are no perfect parents.
  • Secondly, each of us was not a perfect child.
  • Thirdly, even the worst person has positive sides, what can be a resource. Remembering the positive can help you let go of childhood grudges. “I know you loved me. After all, when I came home from the cold, you rubbed my cheeks to warm me up,”the heroine says at the end of the film.

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