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Ice Princess Movie: Let Your Child Be You! - Reviews
Ice Princess Movie: Let Your Child Be You! - Reviews

Video: Ice Princess Movie: Let Your Child Be You! - Reviews

Video: Ice Princess Movie: Let Your Child Be You! - Reviews

Casey is an excellent student, her mother dreams of admitting her daughter to Harvard, because her own scientific career did not work out. Jen's mother is a former figure skater who turns her daughter into a champion. But the girls have their own opinion about the future and seem to change their fates: Casey becomes a famous figure skater, and Jen teaches math and lives a calm life without exhausting workouts and diets.

Ice Princess, USA, Canada, 2005

Director: Tim Fywell

Cast: Michelle Trachtenberg, Kim Cattrall

"You gave up your dream!" “No, Mom. I gave up YOUR dream."

Such a dialogue takes place between the heroine of the film Casey and her mother. The second heroine, Jen, could have said the same words to her parent.

Outwardly, the relationship of mothers with children seems to be different, but the scheme is the same: it is not love, but codependency and the use of the child as a narcissistic extension. Infantile parents (both mothers and fathers) do not perceive their children from a mature position. They do not see them as a full-fledged independent personality, but are compensatory: they make up for their own unmet needs and unfulfilled plans. They do not understand that the child can be different from them. "Narcissistic expansion" is a part of your I, taken out. From the outside, such parents look loving and attentive: "Everything for the child!" But the child himself feels used and … unloved.

The compensatory parent only looks at the child, as if in a mirror, and admires himself

In the film, we see an episode: seemingly independent Tina, sitting on the podium during the championship, holds hands with her minor daughter Jen. And when she removes her hand, asks: "Don't let go, hold me!" Here the mother's infantilism is very clearly manifested. True, at the end we see a classic "happy ending" that rarely happens in life.

If you are looking for a family movie with school-age children, Ice Princess is a good option

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