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Confusion In The Head - The Quality Of Life
Confusion In The Head - The Quality Of Life

Video: Confusion In The Head - The Quality Of Life

Video: Confusion In The Head - The Quality Of Life
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I work as a manager in a company where I have to perform a lot of work related to the preparation of documents in a short time, communication with clients. The workload is significant, but I can handle it. Worse is the other, sometimes our boss "rages", and whoever fell under the hot hand is to blame. In such an environment, by the end of the day, fatigue and apathy pile up. Recently, I began to notice that during these periods I confuse letters in words. We have to “turn on” special control so that an error does not slip through in a letter to an important client. Tell me, what can such a castling of letters in words talk about? Margarita, 27 years old

The “raging boss” and “the inclusion of special control” explains everything very well. Imagine a child in front of a formidable teacher looming over him. He begins to stray, stumble, make ridiculous mistakes, clerical errors, blots, corrections, which in a calm situation he would never have allowed. If the tension of the situation continues to grow, then the task will become impossible at all - the hand will tremble, the keys on the keyboard will dance under the fingers, the pen will stop writing, and the head will stop thinking. Everyone knows that the student will not complete the task until the teacher calms down, says an approving word and the whole situation is defused. The athlete will not perform the exercises beautifully until the coach stops yelling, the nurse will start to confuse the instruments, if the surgeon gets nervous.

No matter how adult and mature we are, according to the rules of subordination, our immediate bosses are our educators, teachers, and parents. This is how their psyche perceives.

Your "castling" of letters is a minimal disruption in the regulation of behavior in a stressful situation. Stress is so remarkable that in it the psyche, and indeed the whole organism, cannot function without failures. Overload will definitely make itself felt - for someone with a panic attack, for someone with insomnia, for someone - "just something" by rearranging letters in words.

In an alarming situation, something is sure to get out of control, thereby, in fact, and signaling stress

The founder of the theory of stress, Hans Selye, called this phenomenon an “alarm-reaction”, that is, an “alarm reaction” or “alarm signaling”. Pain from physical injury is a useful signal of injury. Alarm-reaction is the same useful signal, but already in case of the threat of psycho-emotional trauma. It indicates that the level of anxiety is growing and if the situation or attitude towards it does not change, then symptoms of neurosis or autonomic dysfunction may further manifest themselves.

Involuntary, that is, not controlled by consciousness, actions cease to be performed freely and naturally, when in a stressful situation a person tries to take them by volitional effort under conscious control. So, for example, a completely natural process of falling asleep becomes impossible just when a person "forces himself" to fall asleep in fear of another insomnia. Well, you "turn on special control" for fear of making a mistake, and, of course, the letters immediately begin to "castling". It is also good that the heart, blood vessels, endocrine glands, etc., do not perform any "pirouettes". After all, writing, including typing on the keyboard, in an adult is an involuntary, automated action, and an attempt to consciously control it will only break it. Think of the famous centipede metaphor that once thought,in what sequence she needs to rearrange her legs, and immediately got confused, having lost the ability to move. And let this useful signal from the body become a reason for you to think.

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