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Fragile Crystal: How To Overcome Another Family Crisis - Relations
Fragile Crystal: How To Overcome Another Family Crisis - Relations

Video: Fragile Crystal: How To Overcome Another Family Crisis - Relations

Video: Fragile Crystal: How To Overcome Another Family Crisis - Relations
Video: #Familycrisis | ফ্যামিলি ক্রাইসিস | EP 93 | Selim | Mithu | Runa | Faria | Sarika | Shamim | Raz 2023, March

The Crystal Wedding is the fifteenth anniversary of marriage. This is a difficult period in the lives of many married couples. Perhaps it is you who are now at a stage in your life when everything seems meaningless, previous successes are not encouraging, and married life seems boring, as if there is no more light, joy and harmony in it. How to preserve relationships, preserve marriage? What are the features of this crisis in family life, what are the reasons for alienation?

Routine fight

Your parents are getting older and require more and more attention and care. There are fewer friends, and you know them "inside and out", there is not enough novelty in communication. Children, as a rule, have already entered puberty at this stage. And this is the desire for separation from parents, denial of the authority of elders, devaluation of family ties. But at the same time, they still really need your support, since they are on the verge of an extremely difficult stage in life - the period of personal formation and search for themselves in the profession.

The monotony that accompanies your professional activity is also fertile ground for the formation of a general depressive background and a tendency to reappraise life. A fifteen-year marriage crisis is very often compounded by a midlife crisis. You still have a lot of energy, but you see less and less opportunities for its use. A critical appraisal of everything that has been achieved only exacerbates the dissatisfaction with the marriage. You start to rebel, resist the hateful routine and do not notice how you hurt those closest to you.

In itself, the desire to preserve the marriage is a good sign, at least the willingness and understanding of the importance of the relationship promise a favorable outcome of confrontation between spouses. It is very important to pay attention to your personal interests, development and professional achievements. Friends, hobbies, travel cannot be ignored … Sometimes, in order to emerge from a conflict situation, it is enough just to walk out the door.

Straight Talk

To build a harmonious relationship, it is very important to be honest not only with your partner, but also with yourself. It is important to pronounce all the situations that concern you, to resolve everything in the "here and now" mode. After all, grievances and misunderstandings tend to accumulate and overshadow that light and warm that brings you closer, makes you not just relatives, but the closest people.

It is very important to abandon the position of accusation and start talking on equal terms, without judging, without nagging and admonition. Only "I-position", speaking your feelings really works for you and helps you to get closer.

We sometimes deprive ourselves of the opportunity to speak out openly, expecting negative reactions from our partner, which he may not give. A little patience - and you will notice how your spouse will open up to meet you


You can look at the crisis period as a kind of "shake-up" that can bring routine relationships to a new level full of discoveries. This stage of marriage provides an invaluable experience of communication with the dearest person, and the trials that have fallen to your lot will make you stronger and wiser, help you turn your face to your feelings. The "crystal" period is good because there is no longer any need to look back at the need to meet someone's expectations. At this stage of life, there is no longer a pressing need to prove something to someone, even to oneself, trying to be simultaneously successful in all areas of life.

Now everything is possible

Remember, at the very beginning of the relationship, did you have common plans that you did not manage to realize over these 15 years? After all, now is the time when you can afford everything! Now you have all the resources to implement the most extravagant project: an understanding of life and a financial base. Do not forget about romance in a relationship, which was pushed into the background behind the everyday bustle. Strengthening a marriage can be facilitated by setting new life goals, actions that go beyond daily responsibilities, and a change in environment.

You have to walk this path together, hand in hand. Overcoming the next crisis will help the marriage become stronger and more reliable, you can always say to each other: "Don't be afraid, I'm with you!"

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