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Film "Trainee": When Old Age Is A Joy - Reviews
Film "Trainee": When Old Age Is A Joy - Reviews

Video: Film "Trainee": When Old Age Is A Joy - Reviews

Video: Film "Trainee": When Old Age Is A Joy - Reviews
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We are accustomed to the fact that the main characters of films are young, beautiful and successful. They make us sympathetic and want to identify with them. Filmmakers exploit the audience's narcissistic complex: "I want to be the best, superhero and winner." The filmmakers of The Trainee took a different path. They touched on a topic that we fear and therefore avoid: the topic of old age, loneliness and the feeling of our own uselessness.

Trainee, USA, 2015

Director Nancy Myers

Cast: Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway


"Experience is always in fashion"

The main character is an unemployed lonely pensioner. He is 70 years old and a widower. Living in the past, he tries to find himself in the present day. Taking this opportunity, the old man becomes an intern in an online fashion store. Will he be able to adapt, live a busy life, find new friends and love? "Is there life after retirement?"

Why in most cases does society ignore the elderly? First, they involuntarily remind of aging and death. Secondly, they can raise the feeling of guilt ("Oh, yes, I should call my parents … Why do I call them so rarely?"). Ignoring the problem is a tempting defense mechanism, but ineffective.

How can we extend the full life of our aged relatives? Indeed, longevity is influenced not only by biological factors (genetics, nutrition, ecology, etc.), but also by psychological ones.

Meaning of life

Realizing the meaning of your life increases your motivation to overcome difficulties and adapt. In his autobiographical book, Say Yes to Life, existential psychologist Viktor Frankl describes his experiences in Nazi camps. He drew attention to the fact that prisoners who did not see the meaning in their existence were leaving life faster. And those who had the motivation to survive (whether it was meeting with loved ones or unfinished scientific works), coped with adversity, even being weak and sick.

Need for loved ones

Realization of importance for someone is an important motivation for existence. Close, positive emotional relationships are an essential factor in connecting with life.

Demand by society

It is important to feel your importance not only for loved ones, but for the whole "pack". Older people are an inexhaustible source of life experience. So the hero of the film becomes an assistant and advisor for his young colleagues. Our instinct is to respect old people: the oldest members of the "pack" have the most effective survival skills, which helped them to reach old age. Alas, sometimes this instinct is crushed by prejudice: a youth revolt against authorities. A mature position is respect for old people, interest in their experience and a willingness to adopt and integrate it.

Satisfaction with what has been done

Older people need to appreciate the journey they have traveled. Enjoy achievements, enjoy results. To be able to be satisfied with yourself - even if not everything came true. No one person can reach their full potential. If at least some part of the plan is carried out, it is already good.

Responsibility for others

Responsibility for others helps you to feel needed, to structure your life. Having found themselves in retirement, without a specific occupation, older people often "give up" - there is a sharp deterioration in their condition. A clear schedule, responsibility help to be in good shape, activate, open up resources.

The pleasure of life

An important factor in maintaining interest and one of the meanings of existence is the process of life itself, the ability to enjoy every moment. Help your elderly relatives find sources of pleasure.

Skin contact

Unfortunately, older people often find themselves in a situation of kinesthetic hunger: they do not have enough body contact. Lonely pensioners can satisfy this hunger at least by communicating with pets. If you are unable to visit your elderly relatives often, try to give them more physical contact during the meetings: hug. Yes, "hugs" can prolong life!

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