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How To Stop Going To The Refrigerator At Night - Society
How To Stop Going To The Refrigerator At Night - Society

Video: How To Stop Going To The Refrigerator At Night - Society

Video: How To Stop Going To The Refrigerator At Night - Society
Video: Is it OK to turn off refrigerator at night? 2023, March

Every evening I am overcome by a feeling of hunger, which I cannot cope with. What to do? Anna, 37 years old

Right now, this second, pay attention to your body sensations. Give yourself a few minutes to close your eyes, sink a little deeper into your inner world and feel. Hear what signals the body is giving. Perhaps, already at this stage, something unexpected and important will appear.

The fact is that almost all of us experience serious information overloads. As a rule, they are associated not with our real needs, but with the behavior and habits of a huge number of people. We react to all of these signals, most of them are unaware. As a result, anxiety and anxiety builds up. Our psyche is trying to protect itself from them in every possible way.

The process of eating is both a source of pleasure and a state that takes us back to the earliest stages of development. In that pre-verbal childhood experience, when we calmed down in the arms of our mother or another loved one who fed us, protected and warmed us. Therefore, food is a source of strength not only physiologically. She is also an “island of salvation”. It's good that he is. Just getting stuck on it is dangerous.

It is important to understand and feel that the real feeling of hunger, when the body needs food, and the exciting desire to absorb food are not the same thing. This is a signal that there is a mismatch between the mind and body. That some of their own, very important personal needs go unnoticed

Ask yourself: “How do I take care of myself, of my body? How do I care about security and borders? And what about the recognition and speech of discontent? " Allow yourself to hear different answers, experience different feelings. Give yourself enough time for this.

It's good if you find the right support in your search for answers and new healthy strategies. For example, body practice classes, dance movement, art therapy. It can be a psychologist who will support and at the same time help to see the painful, hidden. What you have to "seize". Perhaps a doctor who will recommend a diagnosis and prescribe treatment, if necessary. Exciting hunger can be a symptom of a medical condition. After all, our body is a perfect and complete system. Feelings trigger bodily reactions. Conversely, anatomical and physiological changes are reflected in our desires and emotions. It is useful to consider any disease, any symptom not as a source of problems, but as care - a wise message from the body: it's time to change something. Then our life is filled with new energy and meaning. Especially,that you have already taken the most difficult step - turned to face what is happening. This means that you have enough strength.

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