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Film "Mysterious Skin": Learning To Explore Our Dreams - Reviews
Film "Mysterious Skin": Learning To Explore Our Dreams - Reviews

Video: Film "Mysterious Skin": Learning To Explore Our Dreams - Reviews

Video: Film "Mysterious Skin": Learning To Explore Our Dreams - Reviews
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The heroes of the film are young people with different characters and destinies. In childhood, their paths briefly crossed, and years later the young men meet again. One of them is haunted by a terrible dream: the monster touches him with its tentacles. Brian (Brady Corbet) is sure: as a child, he was abducted by aliens for research, and then erased his memory, but the memory of the "abduction" haunts him in his dreams. The second hero, Neal (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), will tell Brian the truth about his past.

Mysterious Skin, USA, Netherlands, 2004

Director Greg Arakki

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brady Corbet, Michelle Trachtenberg

Can you trust dreams? Yes, if you trust them correctly. Dreams are always true, but, firstly, they are subjective: they reflect not objective reality, but how the dreamer perceives it. If a jealous person dreams that his wife is not faithful to him, this is the truth about his fear of betrayal. If a girl dreams that her beloved is proposing to her, this is true about her hopes, and not the real plans of the young man.

Second, sleep is a metaphor. A message from the Unconscious in a metaphorical form. Perhaps the dreamer is flooded with waves in a dream, he is afraid to drown … This does not mean that in reality he is threatened with death in the water. From a psychological point of view, dreams symbolize feelings. Such a dream may indicate a fear of losing control over feelings.

Popular dream books and the psychological interpretation of sleep differ. Dream Interpretations are quite unambiguous and directive: "I dreamed of a toad - to rain, if I dreamed of rain - to a toad." Psychological interpretation is multivalued

There is a universal understanding of the symbol, but there is also an individual one. It is important for a person to describe his associations, feelings … What does the “toad” mean to him, what feelings did it evoke? For different people, this can be curiosity, disgust, pity, fear, etc. The dream chooses symbols, because a symbol is an intermediary between Consciousness and Unconscious. In addition, we are not always ready to see the truth in a dream - a direct reflection of reality. We have a mechanism of "repression" - suppression, we displace painful material, be it memories, thoughts or sensations. It is a self-defense mechanism: it hides us from pain that we are not ready to touch. So, at first, the widow pours tea for the deceased spouse, only then realizing that the awareness of the tragedy may come with a delay.

Brian also has a repression mechanism: he forgot one evening from his childhood, he only remembers his horror. His dream is true, but metaphorical: trouble really happened to him, but the aliens are not involved in it.

Sleep self-study technique

  • 1. Recall your dream and highlight the elements that are meaningful to you that cause the strongest emotional response. It can be either an animated character or an object. Or maybe it does - detail, color, sound … Write them down in a column.
  • 2. Now write down three associations next to each word. Write the first thing that comes to mind. See what these associations tell you, what is the pattern in them.
  • 3. Now try to build a dialogue with each of these elements in turn. Even with the inanimate. Do not be surprised, this is a metaphorical work: you can talk with the rain, with green, the sound of a whistle … Ask: “Why did you dream? What do you want to tell me?" Don't be surprised at any answers. If there is no response, ask the question several times, wait a while … You may not be ready to hear it yet. Don't worry: if the message from the Unconscious is really important, it will send you other dreams on the subject.

Don't neglect dreams. If you are haunted by a recurring nightmare, it is better to consult a specialist: this may be trauma, adults or children, or fear so strong that you can only meet with it with someone's support

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