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Freedom To Be Alive - Self-development
Freedom To Be Alive - Self-development

Video: Freedom To Be Alive - Self-development

Video: Freedom To Be Alive - Self-development
Video: Entire 6 year self improvement journey - Exactly how I progressed my mind, body, dating, social life 2023, April

Alexander Lowen (1910-2008) is a renowned American psychotherapist, creator of the “bioenergetic analysis” method and one of the founders of the International Institute for Bioenergy Analysis. Lowen studied the body in terms of its energetic processes and described it as a "bioelectric ocean" of chemical and energy exchange. The article is excerpted from an interview conducted by Patricia Moselli during the International Conference on Bioenergy Analysis held in 2004 in Greece. The interview is published in the translation of the psychologist Irina Solovieva.

About therapy

The process of personality development does not depend on the person himself or on the therapist - it cannot be created artificially; it is something that develops and flows naturally as the energy level rises. Therapy is to help the patient understand how to raise their energy level by deepening their breathing; how to help this energy spread throughout the body as needed for the natural expression of feelings. During the session, I can breathe with the patient and express my own feelings. He has to do the same, but he will not be able to do it on his own, because he is scared, does not know how to do it. He is not in contact with his body, he does not know what to do with his voice, legs. The tension he has experienced in the past prevents his feelings from spreading throughout his body. Therefore, he needs to improve his skill in bodily sense awareness. I can't do it for him, but I can help him resolve this or that feeling by showing or explaining how important his expression is. "Therapeutic failure" - if the therapist's ego becomes overly involved when he tries at all costs to make the patient feel better.

In bioenergetic analysis, you can and should do some interventions on purpose, and then you need to back off to allow the process to proceed more spontaneously. But you must continue to be present, because the patient is moving through territory that he does not know, among feelings that he has not experienced since he was a child. You must help him in what he does.

About trust and understanding

If we understand where the patient is now and what is happening to him, he will trust us. This is the most important thing in psychotherapy. Understand the need for a choice facing the patient: fear of what happened to him when he was a child, fear of the past, fear of these feelings.

This is not just empathy, it is genuine understanding. Only what comes from your own experience, when you experienced the same fear, but successfully dealt with it, is true. This is the only way, otherwise empathy is meaningless. “Oh, I'm sorry, I know you're in trouble” doesn't mean anything. But if you know what the patient went through, you had a similar experience, you can help. When you ask the patient to give free rein to despair and explain that nothing terrible will happen, no matter how afraid he may be, the reason for this is that you yourself gave vent to your despair and at the same time remained safe and sound. This is not a child's despair - I am no longer a child, so I can overcome it. The presence of the therapist is the presence of a person who lives a full life and is successful in solving his problems.

About fear and struggle

In all of us, the core of any problem is the fear of death and insanity. And this fear of death or insanity comes from childhood. "If I am not a good child, I will be rejected and I will die." Therefore, you do not allow yourself to live freely, because that would mean putting your life at risk. In a sense, the fear of death gives rise to the fear of life and, on the contrary, the fear of life gives rise to the fear of death, it is a vicious circle. It is the fear of feeling alive.

Pleasure is a sensation that is familiar to children because they are innocent and free. If you become like them, you will know pleasure. But we feel guilty and shackled by our forced struggle, so we cannot have fun. Even if you earn ten million lire in a month, you will experience satisfaction rather than joy.

The more you say and feel the words “I can’t” inside yourself, the more free you feel, otherwise you will continue to struggle and force again and again …

About technologies

We live in a narcissistic society. Maybe for this to change, a catastrophe must occur. The problem of power is connected not only with the ego, but also with technology. Wherever you drive, it is an act of power, but you are not completely in your body, you must always be on your guard. When you walk, you are free.

The more technology advances, the more people will face problems and feel unhappy.

In Greece, when you go to villages or islands, you see people living in peace, generation after generation, in the same village. They enjoy the sea, it is always so different and alive. The problems began with the advent of television, people ceased to be alive. You can't blame them. When they watch TV, they get excited: "Oh, I would like that!" It becomes a kind of drug and can lead to trouble for someone.

About the body

First you begin to understand and accept, life opens up to you, there is no more failure or success for you. You are free. The words "failure" and "success" apply to the ego, but not to the body. The body knows nothing about "failure", it knows about "pain" and about "pleasure." If someone works hard to achieve unattainable success, their body is under stress. The body will rejoice at failure, because it will end the overload at work.

You can only know the body through the senses, so if you are not able to feel, you will not know anything about the body, only get some idea of it. You must feel the breath; sensations spreading through the body; throbbing excitement. And when you dance, your sensations intensify, because the dance is a pulsating rhythm. This is a pleasure to live. Dance is an expression of how life can reach its peak, a way to make it better. Even sex is a dance of two people, almost a dance. This is life!

About borders

You will be immoral if you express all your feelings uncontrollably. For example, if you see a beautiful woman and you are sexually aroused, you can say, “You are adorable, I am so excited,” and you will not be immoral, you are just expressing what you feel. But if you grab her and try to rape her, it will already be immoral.

The boundaries are within us. This is why you cannot reinforce boundaries on the outside for those who do not have them on the inside.


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