3 Reasons Why We Quit Training - The Quality Of Life
3 Reasons Why We Quit Training - The Quality Of Life

Video: 3 Reasons Why We Quit Training - The Quality Of Life

Video: 3 Reasons Why We Quit Training - The Quality Of Life
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Many times I started classes in the gym, but it was enough for me for two or three workouts. Of course, there is no result. How to force yourself to exercise regularly? Olga, 34 years old

The issue of motivation is always acute in those situations where you need to make efforts, and the result is not immediately visible. Several attempts have already been made, this suggests that you are quite capable of overcoming the stage of uncertainty. But then, during the first workouts, something happens that stops you. This does not give the energy of your desire to get the result, turn around and give you strength and motivation for subsequent regular exercises. This process is usually unconscious and is experienced as unwillingness to go to the gym, laziness. Or there are some important or not very important things.

The second point is what distinguishes laziness from procrastination. When we postpone business and at the same time do not feel a loss of strength, energy, anxiety, we are talking about laziness. With procrastination, anxiety about an unfulfilled task fills you, raises anxiety, as if paralyzing. At the same time, "unpleasant" feelings are an entrance ticket to the inner world of your psyche. By exploring these feelings, you can learn something new about yourself, understand the reasons for not wanting to do something.

Three reasons can be hidden behind the phrase "I was enough for 2-3 workouts":

  • Overtraining A common newbie mistake. Any undue stress during this stage can cause discomfort. People come to the gym, start to "plow", then for a week everything hurts and aches. After 2-3 such stresses, the legs themselves will refuse to go to the ill-fated gym.
  • Self-doubt This is a frequent companion of any work on oneself. “Will I succeed?”, “Will my efforts bring results?”, “Suddenly, I am wasting time and money in a direction?”, “How will others react to my studies?”. There are many different reasons for insecurity, but each has its own. It would be nice to investigate this.
  • Perfectionism Oddly enough, it can also be the reason for "dropping the case halfway." The desire to do everything perfectly, better than others, while ignoring natural limitations (physical abilities, time to achieve a result, the characteristics of your body) can become a reason for not doing.

Ask yourself questions: “Where did the desire to go in for sports come from?”, “What lies behind it? Wellness goals? "," Want to change / tidy up your body? " Behind any desire is a need, and a basic need usually sounds very simple. It can be love, freedom, security. For example, "I will work out, get the result, and then someone will definitely like it." Your personal phrase may sound different. Try to "grope" your need behind your desire to exercise. Explore your motivation with a psychologist or yourself.

According to statistics, it is important for a person who comes to a fitness club to pass the line of one month of classes. As a rule, after this, the regularity of training reaches an acceptable level. Try starting with someone (a friend, husband, or personal trainer). Usually, the presence of a second person nearby helps to get through the starting stage easier.

Take your time, try to look for the type of physical activity that you get, that is enjoyable. Success breeds success.

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