This Awkward Moment: How Men Become Women - Reviews
This Awkward Moment: How Men Become Women - Reviews

Video: This Awkward Moment: How Men Become Women - Reviews

Video: This Awkward Moment: How Men Become Women - Reviews
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Two fathers with their young daughters come to rest in Corsica, and the result is a new couple: one of the girls, Una, falls in love with her friend's father and seduces him - this is how a kind of love union arises. Her partner, Laurent, regrets his momentary weakness and tries to end the relationship, but Una begins to blackmail him. The second girl guesses what is happening and declares a boycott to both. And Una's father is looking for what kind of villain seduced his daughter.

This Awkward Moment, France, Belgium, 2015

Director Jean François Richet

Cast: Vincent Cassel, François Cluse, Lola Le Lannes, Alice Isaaz

This film can be called a "Corsican sitcom", and everything would be funny … if it were not so sad. Even decades ago, such a scenario would have been difficult to imagine: a man behaves like a girl, and a girl behaves like a man.

We see an example of an inverted female-male relationship. This is a frequent and growing problem of our time. There are more and more couples in which a woman plays a male role, and a man plays a female role. Una blackmails Laurent to let her into his bed, undresses her when they swim in the sea together …

It is impossible to say unequivocally what became the root cause: women took over male functions or men - female. But there is still a psychological theory. In the first half of the 20th century, due to wars and repressions, the number of the male population in Europe and the USSR sharply decreased.

Women who had lost their sons and husbands were afraid of a repetition of the tragedy with a new generation of boys and began to overprotect them. As a result, men became infantilized and feminine.

A boy who is overly connected with his mother, on the one hand, cannot grow up and remains a child, no matter how old he is according to his passport. On the other hand, he is identified with a female image, it is difficult for him to become a real man, his behavior becomes effeminate. An aggravating circumstance is the absence of fathers in many families due to death or divorce.

As a result, women had to take over male functions. A vicious circle appears … Whether it opens, the future will show. In the meantime, a film with such a scenario remains natural.

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