Confession Of A Person With Anxiety Disorder - Reviews
Confession Of A Person With Anxiety Disorder - Reviews

Video: Confession Of A Person With Anxiety Disorder - Reviews

Video: Confession Of A Person With Anxiety Disorder - Reviews
Video: 12 Confessions From People Who Struggle With Anxiety 2023, March

In the modern world, people are forced to constantly be in a state of stress and emotional stress. Over time, one in six people develop various neurotic disorders. Anxiety is simultaneously a phenomenon of biology and philosophy, body and spirit, instinct and reason, personality and culture. It is generated by both heredity and environment.

Stossel S. The Age of Anxiety. Fears, hopes, neuroses and the quest for peace of mind.

M.: Alpina non-fiction, 2016.

This is both a psychological and sociological phenomenon. In the language of computer scientists, this is both a problem of both hardware (somewhere something is incorrectly connected) and software (malfunctions in the program code that give rise to disturbing thoughts). How to get rid of neuroses, fears, insomnia and panic attacks? How effective are antidepressants and tranquilizers? Can you learn to manage your anxiety and turn it to your advantage?

The book's author, Scott Stossel, has spent many years trying to recover from anxiety disorders. Many methods and remedies were tried, but nothing helped: after a short relief, the anxiety returned. And then a bold decision was made: stop hiding your condition from others and openly talk about the many years of struggle for a full life.

The author has collected a colossal amount of material on the history of the issue, studied many scientific works on the topic. Some scientists believe that the occurrence of anxiety is due to genetic and organic characteristics, while others see the reason in the patient's environment or in the traumatic events of his life. In the meantime, there are scientific disputes and research, millions of people continue to painfully experience attacks of panic attacks and fears.

“Many anxiety sufferers would surprise others by reporting their concerns, because on the surface these people seem so 'collected' and balanced,” says psychologist Paul Foxman, who heads the Burlington Anxiety Research Center. "They seem to be quite happy with life, but their external hypostasis is completely different from the internal one."

This book is a fascinating and sincere story of a man who managed to accept his illness and even turn it into his own good. The author believes that anxiety made him more attentive to the feelings of others.

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