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Divorce Of The Goddesses. Secret Techniques From Women's Training - Society
Divorce Of The Goddesses. Secret Techniques From Women's Training - Society

Video: Divorce Of The Goddesses. Secret Techniques From Women's Training - Society

Video: Divorce Of The Goddesses. Secret Techniques From Women's Training - Society
Video: Marriage after Divorce for women's be careful. 2023, April

Society constantly demands something from women: shave their legs, put on makeup, walk in heels, gracefully carry their breasts, and not drag them from home to work and back. It's good that at least a dowry is no longer needed … Many women are so accustomed to constant pressure that they try with all their might to meet other people's expectations, and therefore are so greedy for all kinds of "trainings" promising to become a "goddess" or "cost a million."

Tuning for a bitch

Women's trainings are the result of constant external pressure: “Get rid of the smell of sweat, otherwise they will be declared a pig! Make highlights, otherwise you will be considered out of date! Go to the training, otherwise you will remain an old maid!..”Allegedly, nothing can be achieved without training. It is imperative to change something in yourself, improve, improve. For the "factory model" is not comme il faut. And women who have been taught by society to constantly improve something in themselves happily go to training in order to get an answer to one of two, in general, meaningless questions:

  • How to become a bitch?
  • How to become an agreeable and kind woman?

It happens that both approaches are combined in one training. And then they teach how, pretending to be docile and kind, to get married, and then how, being a bitch, to effectively manipulate your husband.

Let's charge the water?

Regardless of the specific form of women's training, it is important to understand that this kind of activity is a collection of highly questionable practices that are not part of modern psychology and are something akin to extrasensory perception, witchcraft and folk healing. The “activities” on which all these trainings are based, in fact, are sucked from the thumb, in principle they cannot give the participants anything useful.

But they can create the illusion of improvement, "give" a fantasy world, "teach" to take wishful thinking. Moreover: they can do harm, in particular, turning a woman into a real puppet of a coach or destroying her relationship with others.

The destruction of relations with family and friends, divorce - this is just one of the negative consequences of women's training. It is clear that careers can also suffer from this kind of training. For example, a participant, brainwashed by the inspirational shouts of a trainer, begins to overestimate the importance of her role in the company, and the result may be dismissal. In the most severe cases, depression and other mental illnesses occur after training.

A woman learns to hate to the extent that she forgets how to charm

Friedrich Nietzsche

Trap for husbands


The so-called "women's pickup" is, of course, a favorite topic of trainings for women. It comes down not to finding casual partners for one-time meetings, but to how to find a worthy man and marry him to yourself. Moreover, the trainers for the women's pickup themselves are sure that if the woman does not complete the training course, then she will not find a companion and will not be able to keep him.

I would like to mention one "guru" who came up with a win-win scheme. He conducts pickup trainings for both men and women. Accordingly, he instructs women to come to men's training in order to overcome complexes. For this overcoming, in particular, it is simply necessary to crawl on all fours in shorts, stockings and a bra between the rows of a hall filled with men. At the same time, women probably think: “What a good coach! Helped us to cope with complexes and acutely feel sexuality! " At the same time, men most likely have completely different thoughts: “What a good coach! Here are how many women he could force to please us!"

There are significant differences between women's and men's training. The first are aimed at creating a kind of macho - an independent and successful brutal businessman. But the latter are initially aimed at turning the average woman into a hardened manipulator living at someone else's expense. And it doesn't matter whether she manipulates a man, pretending to be a bitch or a sweet and caring woman.

It is curious that the presence of a woman's pronounced manipulative attitudes (for example, “men are trusting, and they must be used”) does not mean that she knows how to manipulate and does it effectively. Just as “wanting money” does not at all mean “having money” (however, adherents of the book “The Secret” and other mystical ways to attract something into their life, of course, will not agree with me). There are a lot of subjects around who want to use and manipulate others, but at the same time are lonely, sometimes not quite adequate and could not achieve anything in their life.

The secret manipulation techniques taught in women's training are not scientifically substantiated and are not effective. A striking example is various techniques that supposedly allow secretly (by influencing the subconscious) to induce arousal in a man. Psychotechnologists assure that with the help of constant delicate opening and closing of a purse or frequent fingers on the lips (both the purse and the lips in this case are considered a symbol of female genitals), you can easily seduce a man. However, such manipulations can only create the illusion of a successful impact, but in reality they cannot have any effect.

Ah, it's not difficult to deceive me …

So, regardless of the topic of women's training and the beauty of its wrapper, all such courses are characterized primarily by their groundlessness. There are practically no professional psychologists among those leading these trainings. And the effectiveness of the recommendations of the "trainer" and the various "activities" that make up the "training", no one checked. At the same time, female trainers suck all their miraculous recipes from the finger or adapt all sorts of dubious pseudosciences for themselves.

Such events are also rich in various bioenergetic and extrasensory nonsense about chakras and qi flows, about female energies and their control. For example, one trainer recommends not just shooting with your eyes, but squeezing your pelvic floor muscle during this shooting. At the same time, of course, the female gaze will acquire special expressiveness, and the sexual energy from the lower chakra goes in the right direction.

By the way, if you try to collect objective statistics, the results will be disappointing: there are few millionaires, there are few millionaires' wives, but there are very, very many graduates of miraculous women's trainings on the topic “How to Marry a Millionaire”. At the same time, the number of divorces is not decreasing either. So where are all these trained people who own a lot of ways to manipulate, please men and preserve marriage?

And here it becomes clear that esoteric and pseudoscientific recommendations and exercises, aimed, in fact, at mystical transformation and miraculous transformation, cannot, in principle, help, and the masses of girls jubilant after the training are due to exaltation, which the coach skillfully builds up, and banal self-deception. Alas, we must admit that we are talking not only about charlatanism, but also about the excessive gullibility of lovely ladies. After all, they are ready to believe that a stocky man-trainer can teach you how to gracefully sit on a chair or no less gracefully get out of the car. And if he pours a glass of water on a client's head, then this will certainly develop the ability to trust men.

So, dear readers, do not let the feeling of inferiority impose on you, remain yourself, value yourself, take care of yourself and avoid various miraculous keys to solving all problems and charlatans actively selling them.

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