The Book "Your Personal Psychologist" Has Been Published - Reviews
The Book "Your Personal Psychologist" Has Been Published - Reviews

Video: The Book "Your Personal Psychologist" Has Been Published - Reviews

Video: The Book "Your Personal Psychologist" Has Been Published - Reviews
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Love, friendship, family, happiness, self-confidence, periods of crises, loneliness, stress, fear, depression - this is not a complete list of the topics discussed in the book. The author speaks about each of them in essence, without "water", often considering from an unusual angle, relying on the practical experience of consulting, at the same time in a language that is understandable for a wide range of readers.

Shabshin I.

Your personal psychologist. 44 practical tips for all occasions.

M.: Publishing House Ves, 2015.

Why can't you find a partner for a close relationship? How to truly love yourself? Why do we not understand each other and how to learn this understanding? How do you benefit from any problem? You will find answers to these and many other questions in this book. With its help, you can better understand yourself, establish relationships with loved ones, learn to successfully overcome difficult and even dramatic life situations.

The book has 44 chapters, each of which deals with the most important aspects of our lives. You will learn how to find common values with your partner, how to survive betrayal and crisis in family relationships. You will be able to overcome fear and resentment, jealousy and mistrust, anger and aggression. You will overcome indecision and shyness, gain self-confidence both in interpersonal relationships and in the professional field. Guided by the author's advice, you will get rid of destructive thoughts and emotions, and gain balance.

The high pace of today's life makes us save our time, pay attention to the most important things, appreciate the brevity, accuracy and capacity of information. In this book, you will find concise yet comprehensive answers to the most important life questions. Drawing on his rich experience in the field of individual and family counseling, the author was able to describe in one book the most common problems that each person faces in one way or another. Guided by the advice of a psychologist, you can not only successfully solve your own problems, but also help loved ones in difficult times.

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