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Tiring Holidays - Society

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Video: Tiring Holidays - Society
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I really love the New Year. As in childhood, I look forward to December 31st. But ten days of vacation turns out to be too much for me. I feel tired, as if I was not resting, but worked hard. In recent days I have been thinking all the time: "Hurry to work!" Alena, 28 years old

The long New Year holidays are coming to an end. Someone is upset by this, but some, on the contrary, are sincerely happy. In ten days you can even get tired of rest. Why it happens? There may be several reasons.

First, we put off important, but not urgent, things for long weekends. "There will be a lot of time, and we will finally do a general cleaning." Allow yourself a complete rest without the words "must" and "must".

Secondly, an endless series of feasts can not only undermine health, but also physically tire. Grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes are hardly pleasant pastimes. Believe me, gluttony and excessive drinking is not the only way to organize a holiday. By the way, do not forget to include in your diet foods rich in iron and vitamin C, they relieve fatigue well.

Thirdly, we strive to "relax" immediately for the year ahead. Meeting friends, going to the cinema and theater, excursions and skating rinks - all this, of course, is great, but the excess of such events can really tire. On weekdays, we adhere to a certain regime, "program failure" leads to sleep disturbance and a feeling of fatigue. They invite you to visit, do you prefer a walk? Do only what you really want to do.

The fourth "enemy of rest" is television. Some people turn it on on December 31st and turn it off on January 10th. A series of shows, favorite films literally draw you to the blue screen. As a result, our brains are overwhelmed with useless information. If you need background sound, it's better to turn on the music.

Another explanation for "holiday fatigue" is family. The thing is, we are not used to spending so much time together. You should not reproach yourself for dislike of loved ones. Allow yourself to be alone for a while, lie down, read a book.

The most “fitting” justification for vacation fatigue is that you are working by calling. If you miss what you love so much, everyday life can be just as exciting as the holidays.

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