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5 Ways To Get A Stress-Free Ending Vacation - Society
5 Ways To Get A Stress-Free Ending Vacation - Society

Video: 5 Ways To Get A Stress-Free Ending Vacation - Society

Video: 5 Ways To Get A Stress-Free Ending Vacation - Society
Video: 6 Tips for a Stress Free Vacation 2023, April

Going to work after New Year's holidays is inevitable, like the onset of the morning. The richer the rest was, the less attracted to work.

Of course, if you've spent ten days in meditative contemplation of TV and are furious with idleness, you probably want to go to work. And if yesterday your eyes were delighted with the mountain slopes or the ancient walls of Siena? After a wonderful rest, withdrawal begins. Somewhere out there, on the narrow European streets, careless people live serenely. Tell me, Santa Claus, why the hell have I been working all my life, like Papa Carlo, with two maternity breaks, and not living in serene carelessness, traveling to beautiful places with mountain skis at the ready ?! Is there a way to clear up the misunderstanding? Grandfather Frost is silent. Nothing to say.

Their main charm lies in the serenity of New Year's holidays. The whole country is lounging, and we are lawfully lounging with it. They won't call from work, clients won't bother - sheer splendor. In this sense, the New Year is better than a vacation.

We confess that we have been waiting for an insidious telephone message from work for the entire vacation. And the cursed ones are calling! And no one will call during the New Year holidays - the whole country has gone to nirvana. But one day the guaranteed serenity comes to an end. How to survive the inevitable ?! Maybe quit or change jobs?

The aversion to work after vacation is no coincidence. In a crisis, people value jobs more. Employers take advantage of this by cutting staff and shifting work to those who remain. And working non-stop leads to the fact that a person literally burns out.

Having broken through to the longed-for rest, he totally relaxes and cannot gather strength for a very long time. After rest, a person sinks into apathy. The work, which until recently he valued so much, ceases to interest him, he understands well that there is a race ahead again.

The longer a person has not rest, the more difficult it is for him to return to a working rhythm. I wonder how many people change jobs after the New Year? According to statistics, 85% of employees write letters of resignation after returning from vacation. Apparently, after the New Year, the remaining 15% are fired. What do we do?

We arrange ourselves a short work week

We take time off or additional vacation days so that the first working week is no longer than three days. It will be much easier to survive until the weekend and smoothly enter the work rhythm.

Remembering the value of work

There is definitely something that made us happy or happy at work. If things are really bad and there is nothing to remember, we arrange a small holiday for ourselves in connection with going to work - a new dress, a fresh haircut, a bright diary, a beautiful pen, or something else completely new that will create a festive mood.

Coming up with a dream

As you walked around Florence, did you longingly think about going back to the bench? Promise yourself to return to Italy in six months, and then work will turn from a burden into a way to achieve a cherished goal for which you need money. Dream inspires.

We start a beautiful notebook

So beautiful that his hands reached out to him. And we write Wishlist in it for the whole year. I don't know how this happens, but most of them come true if they wrote from the heart, and not from the mind and cold logic.

Endorphins will help us

Chocolate, gym, walking, favorite berries, a slice of cake. How much will you have to fold after the New Year? Believe me, whether it is 2 kg or 2.2 kg is less important than a good mood.

If you've been away on vacation, don't delay your return home until your last day. Going to work immediately upon returning is too contrasting transition. Allow a couple of days to adapt.

And without labor exploits in the first working days - go to a cafe for a cup of coffee before work, clear up the rubble of papers, draw up a work plan, chat with colleagues. Do not try to work to the fullest, plan the load, do not stay late at work, do not take work home. Find something to please yourself at the end of the day, and do it as often as possible.

If you decide to change something, start with the pleasant little things, and not with global changes. All this will relieve you of the stress and bad mood associated with the end of the vacation.

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