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Waiting For A Miracle - Society
Waiting For A Miracle - Society

Video: Waiting For A Miracle - Society

Video: Waiting For A Miracle - Society
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Everyone loves the holiday feeling. We anticipate that somewhere ahead of us, come true dreams await, and life will sparkle with bright colors.

Everyone is waiting for the coming New Year especially. Firstly, the expectation is reinforced by the massive scale of the event, and secondly, the hope for a better life immediately after the chime.

We count down the weeks until our birthday, imagining how the world will finally spin around us, the most sincere wishes and compliments will sound, and our own ego will spin in a waltz with joy.

Very often, girls are waiting for their wedding. They carefully prepare for the celebration in order to open an album with photographs after years and indulge in happy memories.

The expectation of a miracle accompanies all the holidays, and what do we get at the end? The new year turns out to be no better than the previous one, the birthday is held in the standard wishes of "happiness, health, good luck." Well, the wedding may well end in divorce, since initially there was no true love. Young hearts wanted just a holiday, a sea of champagne and an apartment donated by their parents.

When expectations are not met, many people do not despair and continue to wait for the next wonderful holiday. Some kind of vicious circle, don't you think? Is there a way out of this situation?

There is no need to wait for the holiday, you need to create it yourself! After all, our own happiness and well-being is only in our hands! When you realize this, there will be no more frustration in your life.

  • Do you like that you can make a wish for the New Year and hope for fulfillment? Write your goal on paper, write down the actions to implement it and go!
  • Do you like the fact that many guests come to your birthday, whom you rarely see during the year? Call them now and invite them. Prepare your favorite meals, come up with fun entertainment.
  • Marry only for very great love, work on relationships. Make your family life as beautiful and happy as on your wedding day, and then you will not have to "remember happiness" looking at the photo. Your bluebird will always be with you.

So, replace the word “expect” with “create” and you will see how your life changes

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