Happy New Year 2016! - News
Happy New Year 2016! - News

Video: Happy New Year 2016! - News

Video: Happy New Year 2016! - News
Video: New Year 2016 Celebration (UK Sky News Footage) 2023, March

Dear friends!

The world consists of those who divide everything into two parts - before the New Year and after the New Year, and those who doubt that the world is so simple. It seems to me that our readers belong to the latter. They know that miracles do not fall on our heads on January 1, that only those tasks that are solved are solved, the relationships that you are working on last, and a serious movement is made up of separate steps.

I wish you strength and wisdom along the way! And the source of our wisdom, as you know, is the acceptance of our stupidity in small doses. Well, it's better not to overdo it with drinks, food and other things on holidays. Let there always be "will"! Happy New Year!

The publisher of the journal "Our Psychology"

Vladislav Bozhedai

Dear friends, dear readers!

The New Year, as always, crept up suddenly: gifts were not bought, Christmas trees were decorated only by the most responsible, and we postpone summing up the results of the year for the last day. Don't be upset! The holiday, like harmony, is inside.

In times of crisis, this is especially important: to cultivate your personal small garden, to restore order in the inner world, to create a festive mood for yourself and your loved ones with attention and love. Do not allow external aggression to invade and destroy what is dear to you.

Our Psychology magazine is always ready to support you. Together we can do what we cannot do alone. And instead of a Christmas tree, in the end, you can dress up any tree you like. Happy New Year!

Editor-in-chief of the journal "Our Psychology"

Inna Kravchenko

Our dear readers !!!

The New Year's holiday is similar at the same time to a Christmas tree and a balloon - a kind of elegant design for a rapid soaring into the future. Make the most cherished and boldest desires - just be in time for the chimes, and then only a little will remain - to fulfill them. Though sometimes desires frighten us with their feasibility.

Let's get ready for the holiday together, we will try to help you emotionally, professionally and efficiently. And the articles in the new issues of the journal will tell about the psychology of personal development, building relationships, help to solve the most difficult problems, find peace and peace of mind.

Editorial office of the journal "Our Psychology"

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