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1 + 1 = Infinity - Reviews
1 + 1 = Infinity - Reviews

Video: 1 + 1 = Infinity - Reviews

Video: 1 + 1 = Infinity - Reviews
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The original title of the film is Intouchables ("The Untouchables"). Heroes are very different people, but both are rejected by society. One is because of his disability, the other is because of racial prejudice. This story is an example of the fortitude and inner fusion of the main characters.

"1 + 1" ("Untouchables"), France, 2011

Directors: Olivier Nakash, Eric Toledano

Cast: Francois Cluse, Omar Sy


The easiest way to choose your social circle is based on the principle of similarity. There is no need to explain anything to someone like you. Loving him is not difficult; it is like loving yourself. But there is no novelty or development in this. It is a convenient narcissistic choice of object, whether for friendship or love.

Another thing is communication with people who are different from us. This is a risk and a test, by mastering which we will expand our horizons. To find a common language with “other”, you need to symbolically go beyond the limits of one’s habitual, abandon stereotypes and ready-made scenarios. Such communication helps to get off the beaten track and open up new horizons.

Such an expansion of consciousness occurs with the heroes of the film "1 + 1". The French millionaire and aristocrat Philippe is paralyzed in an accident. He is alone in his huge estate: widows, and his teenage adopted daughter only adds excitement. He needs an assistant, and out of all the applicants who want to get a “bread place”, he chooses the one who, at first glance, is not suitable for this role and does not even want to be in it.

"I don't want to be pitied and chose you because you did not pity me." Driss, an uneducated black guy from the slums, a migrant from Senegal, unnecessary even to his family, becomes his assistant (it is curious that the actor Omar Sy has Senegalese roots, like his hero).


Cesar 2012

The film won the Best Actor Film Award

Goya 2013

The picture is awarded as the best European film


Film Festival Film Wins Jury Grand Prix

The film received the Grand Prix of the jury. The film was awarded the Italian national film award "David di Donatello" as the best European film


There is practically nothing in common between the heroes: a rich man and a poor man, white and black, an aristocrat and a simpleton, an aged man and a young man, a respectable citizen and a breaker of the law … And suddenly a friendship is struck between them. Deep, human, unselfish, that changed the life of each of them. Because it is the union of opposites that gives the maximum opportunities for development. On one condition: if each side respects the other and opens up to new experiences. It is “respects”, understanding is not necessary, you can simply accept each other's peculiarities and not impose your own views.

Driss learns what "iambic" is and who Salvador Dali is, begins to paint. He breaks up with a dark past, he is planning an affair with a good girl. The joy and meaning of life returns to Philip. He, too, is planning an affair, and this becomes an intrigue for the audience: will he be able to inform his pen pal that he is disabled? Will he find the courage to call her and then meet? How will the woman herself behave in such a situation?


The plot "1 + 1" is based on the real story of Philip Pozzo di Borgo and Abdel. The filmmakers consulted the prototypes of the characters, and the movie was filmed as a comedy, not a tragedy, precisely at Philip's insistence. His autobiography "Second Wind" formed the basis of the script. In the last frames, a surprise awaits us: we see the real Philip and Abdel. Both of them highly appreciated the released picture.

Our time of globalization leads to numerous contacts with "other", voluntary or forced. They can be “others” in skin color, faith, or the way they put jam on a sandwich. Such communication can be a reason for disagreement and conflict, but it also contains tremendous opportunities for acquiring new meanings. Transition to a new level of development, psychological and spiritual, as happened with the heroes of the film.

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