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Facebook Controversy Is The Last Thing - Society
Facebook Controversy Is The Last Thing - Society

Video: Facebook Controversy Is The Last Thing - Society

Video: Facebook Controversy Is The Last Thing - Society
Video: You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth 2023, April

Defending your point of view on the Internet has become a matter of honor, and for some people it has become a kind of hobby. Vaccinators argue with anti-vaccinators, childfree - with children, supporters of the authorities with the opposition. Why do we need arguments on the Web, which often spoil the mood, and sometimes can make us quarrel with real friends and loved ones?

The lack of real contact with the interlocutor creates the illusion of safe communication. You can move away from the computer, think over the argumentation, compose a more accurate and witty answer. Unfortunately, this sense of security sometimes brings out our worst qualities. The phenomenon of impunity on the Internet became noticeable with the appearance of the first forums and chats, when, under the masks of nicknames and avatars, people wrote what they would never have dared to voice in public. But 10-15 years later, the era of social networks began. Online anonymity has practically disappeared, but the degree of discussion on the Internet is still high.

Perfect me

Oddly enough, one of the reasons for the popularity of "network wars" is our pursuit of excellence. Arguments and opposing oneself to a group help to support one's “ideal I”: “they are like this, and I am not like that, they are bad, and I am good”. For this purpose, a person chooses "virtual enemies" - people whose views seem cruel, inappropriate or out of date. And then he consistently and methodically tries to debunk their delusions, at the same time sharing their sore points in closed posts for friends.

Virtual battles for truth are also attractive because real passions are simmering in them. Graceful injections, parrying the opponent's remarks and bans as a last resort … People whose lives are poor in events go to the fields of online battles for vivid emotions. The trouble is that disputes in correspondence, alas, cannot replace real impressions. Life remains poor in colors and emotions, and along with dissatisfaction, the level of aggression grows.

When there is nothing to do

For some, defending the truth in the virtual world becomes a habitual time filler. You don't have to take risks trying to make friends or going on a date with a new fan. No expectations - no disappointments. Except for wasted time and a life that's frozen in place.

For the past six months, Ira literally cannot tear herself away from the forum dedicated to keeping pets. In addition to finding useful information and looking at pictures of cats and dogs, she gets into fierce arguments with other community members. “Can you imagine, he wrote to me that it makes no sense to vaccinate animals, because it supposedly prevents nature from producing natural selection! It's so cruel,”she says indignantly about one of the users. It is curious that after spending several hours at the forum every day, Ira complains about the lack of time for her personal life.

Stop in time

How to understand that you are spending too much time and mental energy on “breaking copies” on the Internet?

  • You overreact to criticism from other users, or provoke controversy yourself.
  • Going offline, you keep thinking about "what this rude guy wrote to you."
  • Virtual dialogues are increasingly becoming the subject of conversation with your real friends.
  • After reading comments or texting, you feel angry, powerless, or emotionally empty.

If you have noted at least one or two signs in yourself, it can be assumed that communication on the Internet fills some extra niches in your life, it's time to return it to its rightful place. Try to understand: what need is filled with heated debate and negativity on the web? Maybe you should join a travel club or martial arts class? Maybe it's time to make new friends or finally go on a date.

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