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Revitalizing Brush - The Quality Of Life
Revitalizing Brush - The Quality Of Life

Video: Revitalizing Brush - The Quality Of Life

Video: Revitalizing Brush - The Quality Of Life
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I opened a blank page to share my feelings from the master class in the painting studio "Perotti" and … hung up. Just like most people who for the first time in their lives find themselves behind an easel, with a brush in their hands and with doubts about their own abilities in their eyes.

What is behind this doubt - an objective lack of experience or a subjective fear? After all, if it does not work out, as with Da Vinci or Raphael, others will smile, stick the label "mediocrity", demote in the public table of ranks. For each of us, the assessment of society is important, we all strive for recognition, respect and love, and we don’t want to risk what we have achieved, especially in the presence of friends and colleagues.

However, the first step was taken and my colleagues and I exchanged Sunday rest for a risky path - a friendly working team gathered in the workshop, put on aprons and dipped our brushes in oil paint. Any new knowledge develops us, and drawing also allows us to reveal the nuances hidden in the subconscious. We did not intend to specially dissect the subconscious, however - by copying the Fauves 1, we were surprised to discover deeply hidden character traits in ourselves.

It turned out that one of us lacks the courage for a free, wide stroke; the other is inner freedom for depth of color and fearlessness of combinations. The lines of our drawings were timid at first, the colors were modest, and the comments of the master class host Svetlana Perotti were comforting and encouraging. “We are all given the same talents and opportunities in this life, the main thing is to trust ourselves, not to be afraid to try, not to lose confidence at the first experience. The road will be mastered by the one walking, and each stroke will become the basis of the next, more and more brilliant."

The master class helped not only to take out the completed work of art from the studio, which is not ashamed to present to the public in court. Already in the first lesson, the barriers of inner tightness fell, relaxation and the ability to listen to oneself, to one's inner child, for whom any creative activity is organic, because life itself is creativity and a clean slate, appeared. Creative training helps a lot to find harmony, to use the inner resources of a person, to restore the energy and faith in oneself spent by an aggressive society.

1 Fauvism is a direction of painting, distinguished by the catchy expressiveness of colors and an expressive manner of writing.

Is it therapy? Yes. Can everyone suit? According to experts - everyone. But not everyone is ready for development and self-knowledge. This is neither bad nor good. This means that the time has not yet come to understand that various symptoms of somatic diseases and / or mental discomfort are rooted in discord with oneself. Which pill or which doctor will help with this diagnosis? Extreme scenarios for the development of the script should not be considered for art therapy, but with hypochondria and banal depression, it makes sense. To begin with, you need to listen to yourself, take it by the hair and take it either to the nearest studio, or to the store for canvas, brushes and paints. Is it better to start drawing alone, without spectators and teachers? Perhaps, but the atmosphere of co-creation enhances the effect, and the master's advice to colleagues on creating imperishable creations is doubly valuable. If, after the first visits to group classes and delight from what you have done, you are drawn to individual sessions, it means that it worked and you can congratulate me on a new, more pleasant diagnosis - creative itching.



Painting is an excellent means of expanding the boundaries of your own world, but it takes effort, overcoming yourself to go beyond the picture in which the rules of society put us. This is not only a flight of thought and a dream come true, but also an opportunity to see life as a play directed by yourself. Since ancient times, it has been known that working with images and color awakens creative creative energy, on which balance and harmony are based. This energy helps to create not only pictures, but also one's own state, mood and even destiny. Just become the author of everything that happens: visualize pictures - and they will become part of your world. Try painting when you're depressed, sad, or empty inside. By practicing color alchemy, you will come to a state of complete balance and peace. No wonder scientists have provedthat during drawing, the pressure normalizes, the level of the hormone of happiness in the blood rises, the energy vibrations of the whole body completely change. Become a child, love the world, and do not be afraid of anything - draw with pleasure.

Svetlana PEROTTI,

founder of the PEROTTI School of Painting and the “Conscious Drawing” painting teaching method, artist, member of the Union of Artists of Russia

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