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50 For All 100 - Reviews
50 For All 100 - Reviews

Video: 50 For All 100 - Reviews

Video: 50 For All 100 - Reviews
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Vladimir YAKOVLEV, writer, photographer, author of the Age of Happiness project. The project began with the release of the book of the same name, which became an absolute bestseller of the book market. "The Age of Happiness" is an international project, developed in English and Russian.

A new book by Vladimir Yakovlev's project "The Age of Happiness" is being prepared for publication. On the first page of the book "Well Over Fifties" the question "How to stay young?" To find the answer to this question, the authors turned to people whose life after fifty has dramatically changed for the better.

Sell your house and travel the world (the story of Lynn and Tim Martinov), become a go-kart racer (the story of Lyudmila Smirnova), find yourself in a new creative profession (the story of Harutyun Jinanyan), conquer diseases and become a healthy and fit athlete (the story of Dmitry Pokrevsky) - the heroes of the book "Well over fifty" prove that nothing is impossible at this age.

“Not so long ago, for our parents, at the age of 50–55, old age officially began,” says the preface to the book. But over the past few decades, the world has seen an unprecedented leap in life expectancy.

And now, at 50, perhaps the most interesting, active and happy time in a person's life begins. Time for "dreams to come true" and great personal freedom.

Today, after 50, absolutely everything is possible - a new career, new hobbies, new love, new impressions, new friends. Moreover, the quality of these life experiences far exceeds anything that was available in a green, inept youth or a maturity burdened with obligations. You just need to know how.

This book is about new opportunities that have appeared in life after 50, and about people who have learned to live after 50 better, brighter, richer, more fun and more interesting than before."

In addition to the actual stories of people who, after fifty, radically changed their lives for the better, the book “Well Over Fifties” contains interviews with “experts” - those who have lived after fifty to 25-30 happy years and can share their experience.

For example, 100-year-old Doris Long, who is engaged in industrial mountaineering for fun (!), Or an 84-year-old nun, who is going through the most difficult Iron Man triathlon, tells about her experience of a happy life after fifty.

Andrei Makarevich, Andrei Bilzho, Artemy Troitsky, Alexander Genis and Grigory Chkhartishvili share their reflections on life after fifty.

“Well over fifty” is also a practical guide for everyone who wants to live better after fifty. The book ends with detailed answers to the most frequent and acute questions: is it possible to be healthier after fifty than before? What physical exercises are most effective at this age? How to be slim and beautiful after fifty? How to dress? What's the secret to attractiveness? Is there sex at this age? Etc.

“Youth is development,” writes Vladimir Yakovlev. - The main, absolute recipe for preserving youth, its panacea is to continue to develop, set new tasks for oneself, seek and find new joys and pleasures, master new, previously unexplored areas of life.

Earlier, at the age of 50–55, old age began. Today, at this age, the next, 25-year period of active life begins, which simply did not exist before.

This period is the best in human life. But in order to fully enjoy it, to live it to the maximum, you need to muster up the courage and abandon old patterns of behavior, the desire to endlessly repeat yourself.

Simply put, if you want to stay young and full of energy, then life at 50 needs to be changed."

V. Yakovlev. Well over fifty. 33 stories of men and women who learned to live brighter, better, more fun and more interesting at 50 than at 25. Vladimir Yakovlev. - Tel Aviv, 2015.