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With A Line Through Life - Society
With A Line Through Life - Society

Video: With A Line Through Life - Society

Video: With A Line Through Life - Society
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Researchers have found that time for us is not an abstract concept, but a very concrete one - it can even be "displayed" in the space around a person, and, most likely, it will be a line, sometimes very intricate.


Let's call him Michael. He came at a time when there were three years to live. Because it's a family curse. In his family, men died at the age of 42–43. Most often from an incurable disease. Mikhail fought, such a sentence did not seem fair to him. The doctors laughed and found nothing. Psychics were pulling money and each next turned up a friend: "Uh, boy, you're done for your death." And there was no longer any doubt that the invisible timer, having counted down, would end his life.

And I played peepers with him. He asked to look at me from below, and then from a chair - from this position my bald head is clearly visible. Can he create an invisible apple with his imagination and decorate the table with it? And, it should be noted, he was all right with visual recollection. In fact, we were preparing for an experiment.

I have a white sheet of paper on the table. In the center - a small circle with a protruding triangle - head, top view. I ask him to “turn on” his imagination and imagine how he looks at himself in the mirror in the morning. An important point - only the face in the mirror should be visible, and not the frame, the tiles behind the back, the flourish of your favorite towel. Yes, he easily "saw" himself. And then the question arises: where is this picture with a face in space - right in front of your eyes, from some other side, or maybe it "left" up or "went down" down? But no - it is at eye level, about thirty centimeters. The first dot appears on my sheet.

Now it's time to start the "time machine". And where he sees a picture with his face a month ago, then a year, three, five, ten, fifteen … In my drawing, the points are lined up in a broken line, going to the left. I ask for details - transparency, movement, color saturation of pictures, their size … Then we return and "move" into the future. The dots creep to the right: a face in the mirror in a month, a year, two, three … a break. No pictures - black. Mikhail is scared.

The curse exists. At the level of internal representation. The man invented it himself, but awareness will not help, the timer works. I wonder how the body will react, what method of suicide will it find? But no, we are working on the future. I ask Mikhail to present a bright event in five years. It doesn't work, but at least conditionally - it doesn't matter to know what will actually happen there - it's just an event. And after ten, fifteen, and twenty - what's really there. A timid line in his mind crossed the broken line, got stronger and even "lit up". He saw the prospect of life further and even laughed. Our experiment is ten years old. Mikhail was the first in his family to celebrate his fiftieth birthday, he still has enough plans. There was no curse, only fear that could kill.


We can imagine time in space. Performing the exercise with the "development" of the time line, a person is surprised to learn that he represents the present in one place, the past in another, and the future somewhere else. Something is on the left or right, in front of the eyes or behind the back, above or below. Experience pictures of different sizes, transparency, detail, color and movement represent our entire life - who we were and who we can become.

For most Europeans, the past is on the left, the future on the right. However, there is another "sorting" on the sides - this is individual. However, there are also cultural differences. For some reason, it seems natural to us that the future is ahead of us, and the past is behind. The usual slogan is “forward to the future” or “back to the past”. But not everyone knows that in other centuries everything was the other way around.

The ancient Greeks saw the past in front of them, and the future was behind them. They just "moved" from the happy "golden" age to the gloomy "bronze" and unfortunate "iron", like crayfish in our understanding, backing away. Therefore, no plans were made, at least far off. In many tribes in a primitive state, time is perceived cyclically, it constantly "returns". In Slavic culture, however, this cyclicality existed before the Christianization of Rus. It is difficult for us to imagine, but it seems to “savages” that everything repeats itself many times and life is a circle: winter-spring-summer-autumn and beyond.

By the way, our being, associated with a line going into the future, is associated with the idea of progress and with the Jewish worldview. The Bible broke the circle of time, marking the point of origin of the world (in the beginning was the Word) and defining the end (Apocalypse). European culture has absorbed this "linearity", and now it seems absolutely natural to us. But it only seems, because, as you know, there is no norm.


1. Take the usual daily activity of our life (looking at ourselves in the mirror, brushing teeth, opening doors). We remember how we did it today, and

try to understand where in space this memory is stored. At head level or where the belly is? In front of your nose or at some distance? Where do we see this image?

We fix the found point on a sheet of paper. 2. How was it a month ago? Where is my image at the mirror? Is it nearby or slightly to the side?

We fix the location of the new image. How was it 3 years ago, but 5, 10, 15, 20?

Mark points and connect them in a line - this is the line of the past. 3. Let's imagine that our habitual action takes place in the future. In a month, 3 years, then 5, 10, 15, 20, 30.

Draw the line of your future by points. By the way, where does it end?

4. Examine the pictures that appeared during the experiment. In what years they are large and bright, and in what small and dark - this is all information about your past and future, as it appears in your mind. Explore it,

correlate it with real events in your life. 5. For those who have difficulty creating mental images.

Try to imagine your life line on earth,put some objects at the nodal points, then connect them with a thread or outline with chalk. Walk along the line - feel which of the segments you are experiencing.

6. Another option for "extraction", if others do not work.

Suppose you know what your timeline is. Ask your subconscious mind to take control of your finger - let it show you where the past is, and then the future. Watch how your finger writes out the time.


I have timeline drawings of many people. For some it is an elongated parabola, for others it is an intricate curve. There are cleverly twisted spirals and fairly “even” straight lines, a wide variety of options. This is not just a line - it is our personal code with which we encode all our diverse experiences, our own history.

I can tell a lot about a person by looking at his line drawing. So, if his future is built with vivid pictures and is directed in an ascending direction - a person is focused on social achievements, he is active and well motivated. And if a dullness is noticeable and a “downward” movement is indicated, then the person “planned” his imminent extinction. He may not have thought about it, but all this is written down, and not in fate, but in his deepest ideas about himself.

If the line "runs" away from the person, then he is well controlled with time, accurate in his meetings, because he sees all the hour and minute intervals as if from a distance and can control them. If the line "passes" through him, then there is trouble with the perception of time, but the involvement in what he does is high. He is all "inside" the process and will not give up his business if it is just time for lunch or the end of the working day.

My timeline is divided by my body into the past and the future. The future is always clear. But it is difficult for me to reproduce past events, it takes effort, because we have to "turn around" to the past. And for those who present their past in front of themselves, any memory is given easily - it's easy. The timeline is a code, and by this code you can fairly accurately determine (even without asking) the days of our emotional upheavals, disasters and achievements. In these places, the lines break off or make a "zigzag", the pictures fade or become brighter. Fear and depression “freeze” movement, joy and happiness in images, “revive” them with color and volume.

It is interesting that the people about whom they say that they clearly see their future do "see" it. And it is hardly surprising that those for whom it has become vague find it difficult to "see" something in their pictures.


There are people who do not have a line of the future, only a chaotic "sketch" of images. They are usually poorly guided in time and are often perceived by others as sick or lost.

Some lines are sometimes referred to as "death script". This is an example of Michael - the line of the future, which is interrupted after a few years at a certain age, that is, a person is unconsciously programmed for death. The lines of alcoholics and drug addicts are also very close to the "death scenario". As the practice of counseling shows, their lines are almost stitched together or intertwined into one, very short and "crowned", as a rule, in the form of a bottle or syringe. For them there is no past and future, and time circulates "from reception to reception." There are suspicions that maniacs of all kinds have a similar encoding. But, for obvious reasons, there is too little data for such a conclusion. The important thing is that pathologies are accompanied by a distortion of the timeline, and, consequently, a rather distorted view of reality.

Fancy "reversals" of event encoding sometimes create curious effects. I worked with a girl who was afraid of being stabbed in the back. Almost physically, she constantly felt someone's presence behind her. Obvious psychosomatics - back, shoulders, lower back ached. We built her timeline. It turned out that the code resembled the letter "M". From its solar plexus, which represents the present, we left in the direction of the lines of the past and future, which “broke” somewhere a meter away from the body and went behind the back. And the ends literally "dragged" behind their mistress. During the consultation process, we adjusted the code to the "parabolic" line. There was a strong effect. The girl was in euphoria for several days. The pain and fear of attack disappeared. Fifteen years have passed, and the subject does not notice any discomfort in the back. And in life she is a successful person.


The timeline, perceived by a person subjectively, gives an idea of his personal characteristics. Being built in the space-time of the carrier in the form of a sequence of images, the line in reality represents the "trajectory of the life movement of the personality." This conclusion was reached in the laboratory of personality psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The experiments on the perception of time involved 111 people, men and women, aged 25 to 35 years. It turned out that the past line of a person reflects the events of his life path: changes in social status, loss of family and friends, psychological trauma, displacement of unpleasant and difficult experiences. They can be identified and even indicated exactly the age at which they occurred. Curious,that at the level of images, the events of a person's “inner life” are imprinted in no way worse than the real events. So, the first poem written, an unexpected discovery, a feeling of "enlightenment" leave their vivid mark along with the days of weddings, birth of a child, admission to a university and so on. The study authors found that many participants programmed their lifespan at the level of space-time figurative gestalts. In some, the images on the line converged to a point, in others the person himself disappeared from the "pictures" presented to him. That is, people sometimes consciously, and sometimes at an unconscious level, determined the time of their death. The researchers correlated the changes in the lines with the psychological portrait of the subjects (determined on the MMPI scales). It was found that the line of the future, directed upwards,characteristic of self-actualizing individuals with intellectual abilities, self-confidence, high self-esteem and good adaptability to society. The sequential increase in the size of the images of the future and the divergent perspective corresponded to the creative personality type, demonstrating variability and creativity in solving problems (divergent thinking).

Read more:

Abulkhanova K. A., Berezina T. N.

Time of personality and time of life. SPb.: Aleteya, 2001. The monograph is devoted to the little-studied problem of the personal organization of the time of activity and life in general.


The "time line" is an imaginary line on which a person places all the events of his life. It is curious that not only the past, but also … the forthcoming. This circumstance is at first overwhelming. Likewise, "fractures" and "loops" follow in five, six, fifteen years. As well as on the line of the past, one can find there not yet taken place successes and not happened defeats. It is surprising, but a person on the timeline “plans” the day that he calls black (as a rule, it looks like it - black), and not just “plans” as an intention, but on a certain time interval! Think about it.

It is difficult to talk about Destiny here, but there is reason to think about how our future is being shaped. Take the same "death scenario" of Mikhail. Just a few coinciding circumstances - and now you have a family "karma" or "curse". Often a variety of fortune tellers make significant adjustments to the timeline. If a person is inspiring and believes them, he almost automatically puts someone else's forecast into his life. And follows him better job description. Therefore, the warnings about the danger of fortune-tellers are not so far-fetched. And this is not a matter of mystical abstractions. We are influenced by the information that has become a belief. A book or a gullible "system" can sometimes have a more significant impact on our lives than genetics. Be careful with new knowledge.

Death Scenario is rare. But what is curious is that a person forms time lines into the future, and most often not abstractly. Attempts to change them, it should be noted, do not always succeed. In some incomprehensible way, the “blurred” failure reappears. Usually this circumstance greatly frightens the subjects. This whole "construction" is imaginary, but the attempt to recode it is sometimes felt physically. In some cases, even the color perception of the environment changes. A brief loss of orientation in time is possible.


The "excursion" along the lines of other people is impressive. This is when a person is asked to "try on" someone's individual encoding. Just a little imaginary journey, but … The whole life begins to be perceived differently. Events, impressions, what we remember or forget. The tempo, rhythm, coloring of perception are mixed in a very strange and bizarre way. We seem to be not inventing anything new, however - a completely different life. Probably, this is a really unique opportunity to visit a “foreign place”. But the most important thing here is the discovery that our codes are not a "curse" or dull certainty. Although they are not easy, they can be changed. It's like a witty joke:

- Teacher, how can I clear my karma, get out of the wheel of rebirth and see the world without the cover of illusion?

- Go to Tibet, climb Mount Kailash, find a chain of caves, count the third to the south of the temple, enter it, the second passage to the right of the large lingam. Stand in the middle and say loudly: "Settings!.. Disable query history, customize results, delete profile!" Incomprehensible fiery letters will appear on the wall. Say yes!" All.

In our case, we do not disable everything, but consider the request history. Try exploring your timeline, looking for special memories, and discovering your anticipated future. Try to “try on” other “realities”. But at the same time be careful and careful with your images and in case of obvious discomfort, return the changes back. Have a nice time travel.

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