What Are Women Talking About? - Partner News
What Are Women Talking About? - Partner News

Video: What Are Women Talking About? - Partner News

Video: What Are Women Talking About? - Partner News
Video: Why do women run when men have financial problems? || STEVE HARVEY 2023, September

On July 11 at 19:30 the best TED videos - TEDxYauzaRiver “WHAT ARE THE WOMEN ARE TALKING ABOUT?” Will be screened, organized by the TEDxVorobyovy-Gory project team.

Sex is a fact, but is gender a key variable? Why does Tom Peters consider the small proportion of women in top management a "waste and strategic mistake"? What is the “feminine approach” to problem solving and how is it different from the masculine one? Why did the American office of TED choose "Reshaping the future" as the slogan of the TEDWomen project? We will talk about this and many other things over a cup of aromatic coffee in a cozy atmosphere at the show “WHAT ARE WOMEN ARE TALKING ABOUT?”.

We will show and discuss the performances of 4 truly great women:

Isabelle Allende, writer and activist, discusses women, creativity, the definition of feminism and, of course, passion.

Hannah Rozin will talk about research showing that women are ahead of men in many important areas, such as higher education.

Helena Fischer, an anthropologist, tackles the complex topic of love, explaining its evolution, biochemical origins and social importance.

Michelle Obama gave an emotional speech at the London Girls' School about the need to take education seriously. This new, brilliant generation, according to Michelle, will overcome the difference between the existing world and the world as it should be.

With the support of the Speech Technology Center, we gave all the performances a Russian sound!

Registration is required to participate.