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Don't Be Afraid Of Spontaneity - Self-development
Don't Be Afraid Of Spontaneity - Self-development

Video: Don't Be Afraid Of Spontaneity - Self-development

Video: Don't Be Afraid Of Spontaneity - Self-development
Video: ИЮЛЬ 2021✨Предсказание✨Таро✨Книга судеб 2023, March

For the New Year, we have prepared a special gift for you - a new heading! Now every month on the pages of the magazine an experienced graphologist will conduct a consultation for one of you. In this issue we are publishing the first issue of the Open Letter.

Thank you for your interest in graphological analysis!

Judging by your handwriting, you have an increased share of self-criticism, a desire for self-control, and a fairly strong internal control. You are reserved, and ill-considered actions or risks are unacceptable to you. You belong to the kind of people who try to calculate and predict everything, who would prefer to live according to a plan, and not according to circumstances. Approach everything thoroughly, sometimes even with a certain amount of increased caution, apprehension, with the need to insure yourself.

On the one hand, such character traits give you a sense of relative stability, predictability, consistency. You need to know that everything is under control, that you are the owner of your life and what is happening in it.

On the other hand, sometimes a little excessive control takes away some of your inner freedom, spontaneity, ability to maneuver, to act in accordance with the situation. Surprises (including pleasant ones) are stressful, confusing, even annoying (imagine having a surprise party when you're not ready and had other plans!). A precarious situation, or worse, uncertainty, can cause fear and internal anxiety.

So you have to be on the alert all the time, to control everything, so that you do not be caught by surprise, in an unprepared state. In particular, this also explains the absence of dreams, which you write about in your letter. Your brain doesn’t rest, it doesn’t relax even during sleep, it doesn’t allow you to immerse yourself in rest.

For the people around you, you appear as a responsible, positive person, with a sense of duty and high moral and ethical foundations. External severity and criticism make you, in the eyes of your peers, psychologically somewhat older than your age, more experienced, more serious, knowing how to live and what to do.

And although outwardly you are perceived this way (strong and confident), internally you are not yet completely self-sufficient. You need support and support in life, you really need positive evaluations from the outside, unconditional acceptance (so that you do not criticize, forgive, love for what you are).

In general, the role of external assessments is significant for you. And if you take into account that it is important for you to be in a team, with people, to do a common cause, to contribute to it, then it is largely on the basis of the opinions of others about you that your self-esteem and self-acceptance are formed. For this reason, criticism, an unsuccessful undertaking is perceived very painfully, as a strong blow to self-esteem, their significance is subjectively exaggerated and remains in memory for a long time.

It is also worth noting the depth of your emotional perception, feeling, softness, a large share of femininity, tolerance. You are capable of serious and deep feelings, devotion in a relationship. These abilities will open even more if you learn not to clamp down on the emotional and sensual principle in yourself, but allow yourself to be more sincere and spontaneous in its manifestation.



The test shows the relevance for today of questions of self-realization, demonstration of a strong position, resilience to others (3rd and 5th squares).

Internally, the emotional and feminine principle, emotiveness, vulnerability and vulnerability are strengthened (7th square).

Sociality, integration with society, and fulfillment of a social role are important (2nd square).

The level of anxiety is increased, which is repressed by all forces, it is not given a conscious value. In this regard, the anxiety turned into a deeper state and is expressed in constant concern, tension, increased readiness, inability to relax (4th square).

The position of the 1st square speaks of finding yourself, your place in life. There is still no complete self-confidence and independent standing.

Features of the 8th square emphasize the need for unconditional acceptance, protection, comfortable relationships with others.

The 6th square reflects some uncertainty and instability in personal relationships today.

Want to know what character traits and hidden talents your handwriting gives out? Send letters to the editorial office of "Psychology" - always handwritten! If you wish, you can attach the completed Wartegg test.

Editorial office address: Moscow, PO Box 3

For a more objective and accurate graphological analysis, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules for handwriting.


Only on a clean white sheet (no squares or rulers, the surface is smooth, not rough), A4 size (standard for printers)


With several (3-5) sheets of paper underneath (too hard or soft surface distorts the handwriting)

Writing tools:

Use only a ballpoint pen (better than standard blue) that does not leak and works well. In no case - gel, felt-tip pen, etc.

Position: A

comfortable posture, a standard desk and a comfortable chair


Mood - not agitated or especially depressed, in other words - a normal psycho-emotional state

Text: The

volume of the text is unlimited. From several lines to several sheets.

Content does not matter: any topic that comes to mind will do (neither intellect, nor abilities, nor any other personality traits are determined by content). If there are no ideas, good topics can be: yourself, your children, work, hobbies or an incident in life.

A dictation text, copied from a book or a poem from memory is inadmissible.

Language: write in your native language (for those who have long lived and write in another language environment - in both languages)


Put your signature


Do not forget to indicate your age in the letter

Warthegg test (click on the picture to download the form)

graphological test
graphological test

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