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Exaltation On The Internet - Society
Exaltation On The Internet - Society

Video: Exaltation On The Internet - Society

Video: Exaltation On The Internet - Society
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Earlier, according to astrologers, Taurus was exalted in Venus, Aries - in Mars, Libra - in the Moon, and now Internet users are waiting for their finest hour in LJ, Twitter, blogs … What happened with the frequency of the parade of the planets is happening today to the sound of the keyboard and with a wave of cursor movement. It is generally accepted that the Internet is a source of information and new contacts. But the most significant psychological dividend, the hidden, not always realized goal of daily navigation, has become the pleasure and sense of self that the Internet guarantees.

On the Internet, they are exalted, that is, personality traits that are important for us are strengthened. The networked space knowingly agrees with any of our fantasies, even if we flatter ourselves too much at our own expense.

Astrologers believe that a planet in exaltation is a gift of fate. She symbolizes a bright talent that can lead to success, albeit temporary, but very noticeable, and most importantly - the maximum possible for a person. Psychologically, a planet in exaltation gives a sense of pride in its achievements.

Exaltation, exaggeration is a state of consciousness that was achieved due to the successful arrangement of the stars, that is, due to external cosmic factors and forces. Since a person has ceased to lead a sedentary lifestyle, the stars above his head are constantly changing their dispositions. Moving, a person changes not only the geographical and cultural area, he changes the location of the stars above his head and his destiny! You can pray for mercy from heaven for years, and then get on a plane and change everything overnight.

Astrology has always been good for those who hold onto their home. The concepts of "home", "abode" are fundamental for astrology. However, the “household” also found a way to manage their inner life. Navigating the Internet, participating in events that have no obvious boundaries, a clear place and time, reliably known participants with names and titles, old ritual scenarios, specific goals, finally mixed astrological charts and forecasts.


Exaltation is such a distortion of personality and consciousness, in which, in a calm state, it is difficult for a person to answer the question of what, how and why it occurred to him to do this! We submit to an impulse of such force that we cannot resist. It is no coincidence that the strongest and most irrepressible motives and actions are compared either with the manifestation of the divine, or with the manifestation of the devil in man. To a person his desires and possibilities are maximally presented. From "as if a demon had possessed …" to "I remember a wonderful moment …". These states are akin to narcotic dreams, love intoxication, ecstatic tension, orgiastic explosion, finally.

What part of the psyche (personality) is exalted on the Web?

If we write on our own behalf, act with the visor open, try to look better than we are, show the world all our talent counting on recognition, an ideal self manifests. In the life scenario of each of us there is a gathering point, an apotheosis, when we are not only in excellent shape, but also surrounded by admiring glances. All eyes are directed at us, this is the minute of maximum recognition. In childhood dreams, we digest our fear of the world, hoping that one day it will receive us with admiration.

This is the moment that artists think and talk about with the greatest frankness. According to Stanislavsky's system, an actor must enter a certain physiological state, find and strengthen the features of his character. The musician's cherished dream is to win the applause of a select and dedicated audience at the conservatory. The composer imagines how, listening to his music, the audience will sob or rave in ecstasy. The players are counting on the fans. For all the manipulativeness of their images and the severity of corporate regulations, politicians are looking for ways to "fall in love" with the crowd. Revelations of Madonna, who knows what fans love is: "You need to live in such a way that you would be ashamed to tell and remember sweetly!" The love of the crowd is envy of a loner, a desire to merge with an idol, to become like him, to experience your own triumph with him.

We behave as if not only were nothing bothering us, but on the contrary, circumstances helped, and the audience wanted what we want more than anything else. We can say that exaltation is our desire, multiplied by the desire of others, reinforced, encouraged by other “I”. Amplification gives the effect of merging with the crowd that rushes to infinity on the Internet.


If a person is able to be exalted more often than on his birthdays, weddings and retirement, and his personality shows plasticity and the ability to blur like Rorschach spots, which of our projections can be considered true? Or now the personality structure is losing its core and looks like a redundant installation of many possible, not yet developed nucleoli? The new personality already twenty to thirty years ago was named plural, plural. But in the conditions of the Internet, it can turn into stardust! By striving to be exalted as often as possible, do we not lose the ability to live and act purposefully in the real world?

Another psychological consequence of frequent exaltation on the Internet is a decrease in the threshold of sensitivity to real events. Internet users experience the delight of participating in collective online games and orgies, but remain indifferent and unflappable when asked to play by their own child. The usual picture: dad and son in headphones play the same game together, but each on his own computer and in his company.

It is getting more and more difficult to turn towards real. Compared to the Internet, offline life is too slow, unproductive, effortful, and lacking in rewards. The wife brought her husband to a sexologist because they hadn't had real sex for two years. The husband came to assure his spouse in the presence of a specialist that he had no impotence. Evidence? Erection every night navigation. "It's your concern, dear, how to compete with the online girls!" And he asked a specialist to teach his wife how to do it. He was not going to strain himself. All the more upset - a polygamous male realized on the Internet to the fullest!

Probably, feeling that in the public space the boundaries of personality and norms of everyday life are violated, some of us prefer to use nicknames, pseudonyms, avatars - masks. We are still ashamed not to be ourselves.


Thousands of lives are contained in one. Thousands of personalities in one are given potential. We will never decide on most of our implementations. But the temptation, if not to live, then to lose, not one, but several lives beckons a person.

Participation in the game provides an opportunity for maneuvers and experiments. We no longer want eternal youth. We want an eternal childhood, where everything is just beginning, and the most interesting is yet to come! The Internet is our eternal anticipation of the holiday. He is indifferent to the appearance, age, and place of residence of his players. He expects only excitement from them!

On the canvas of the Universe there are people-stars, people-reflexes … And there are people-shadows, they do not emit or reflect light. They absorb it, not reflecting anything in response. On the Internet, shadows roam sites, quietly, tiptoeing, peeking at forums, reading news feeds, viewing pictures, and never get into a heated argument or post their photos. They are watching. They envy. Condemn. Sometimes they write malicious letters under false names. Sometimes they leave the Network indifferently. Not everyone can tolerate bright light. Real life is closer and more understandable to them. They are messengers from the past.

Thousands of people will never show their projections on the Web. The sky above their heads and the sea surf are enough for them.

There is only one life. They never doubted it.

It is invisible and soundless.

It will start after the monitor screen turns off.


Nikolay Kyrov,

psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences


WITH US In taverns, in alleys, in twists,

In an electric dream in reality

I'm looking for the infinitely beautiful,

Infinitely in love with the rumor.

A poet is always a seer. Is it not television or the Internet that Alexander Blok dreamed of?.. The

Internet is really and truly a new habitat, a whole new world.

All these blogs in LJ, Twitter are an attempt at self-expression, a kind of self-presentation and substitution of reality, which takes the form of addiction.

There are many examples given by psychologist Olga Makhovskaya in my practice. I am now observing a boy who froze in one position at the computer for a year, and gets up only to eat and drink and go to the toilet.

What is behind these strange behaviors? Behind each addiction there is a need, sometimes existing in one area, at one level, but seeking satisfaction in another.

Such latent needs have the property of unsaturation, they consume time, energy, money, real relationships, and health.

Deciphering, helping to recognize the existence of such a need, helping to find ways to overcome it or adequately satisfy it - these are the daily concerns of a consulting psychologist or psychotherapist.