Graphology 2023, March

Consultation, 7 November - Graphology

Consultation, 7 November - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 30: "Can I hold a leadership position or, on the contrary, am I a performer?"

Consultation, 8 November - Graphology

Consultation, 8 November - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 24: "Some people say that I needed to develop my creativity."

Consultation, 6 November - Graphology

Consultation, 6 November - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 24 years old: “As far as graphology is concerned, it is very interesting for me personally. Therefore, I will be glad to know about the result "

Consultation, 2 August - Graphology

Consultation, 2 August - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 30 years old: "Perhaps this will help me to make sure that I have chosen the right field of activity"

Consultation, July 29, - Graphology

Consultation, July 29, - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 27 years old: "I would like to know the opinion of a specialist on both professional suitability and personal qualities"

Consultation, 28 July - Graphology

Consultation, 28 July - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 23 years old: "Such science as graphology has always been interesting"

Consultation, 1 August - Graphology

Consultation, 1 August - Graphology (2023)

Woman: “I have always thought that I have very bad handwriting, what is the reason, I don’t know”

Consultation, 8 July - Graphology

Consultation, 8 July - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 25: "Handwriting is sent for graphological analysis"

Consultation, 9 July - Graphology

Consultation, 9 July - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 35 years old: "Because of bad handwriting and a sidelong look from the boss when he cannot read my notes"

Consultation, 2 July - Graphology

Consultation, 2 July - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 27 years old: "It is very interesting to learn about yourself, about your character, individual features of your handwriting"

Consultation, 1 July - Graphology

Consultation, 1 July - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 40: "I work in a bank, but I understand that this is not my profession"

Consultation, June 30, - Graphology

Consultation, June 30, - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 19 years old: “I don’t know if it’s true that the handwriting changes with the person, but mine personally, well, has changed many times”

Consultation, June 6, - Graphology

Consultation, June 6, - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 23: "To tell the truth, I find it hard to believe that analyzing a person's handwriting, you can say a lot about him."

Consultation, May 29, - Graphology

Consultation, May 29, - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 19 years old: “I can say about myself that I look and feel younger than my age, and I like it”

Consultation, 8 April - Graphology

Consultation, 8 April - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 20 years old: "I would like to learn something new about my character, potential opportunities, about which sphere to direct my forces into"

Consultation, 5 April - Graphology

Consultation, 5 April - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 27 years old: "What qualities are worth developing in oneself, and which ones are better to fight"

Consultation, 21 March - Graphology

Consultation, 21 March - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 34 years old: “I have been studying NLP closely for a year and a half, visiting a coach. At this stage of my life, global changes are taking place "

Consultation, 13 March - Graphology

Consultation, 13 March - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 25: "I feel like I have my own destiny"

Consultation, 12 March - Graphology

Consultation, 12 March - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 37 years old: "I would like to know which profession is closer to me in character"

Consultation, February 27, - Graphology

Consultation, February 27, - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 24 years old: "Recently I have become very confused in myself, I cannot understand what I need"

Consultation, 12 February - Graphology

Consultation, 12 February - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 22: “Sometimes I don’t know what I want, I’m afraid of loneliness, I feel insecure”

Consultation, 14 January - Graphology

Consultation, 14 January - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 36 years old: “From the window you can see a mountain, a river and a black forest. The snow is falling harder and harder. The wind got stronger. Let it fall "

Consultation, 30 October - Graphology

Consultation, 30 October - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 23 years old: “I am afraid of my own indifference to everything. Neither work, nor family, nor the world around me evoke real emotions in me "

Consultation, 24 October - Graphology

Consultation, 24 October - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 22: “It's incredibly interesting what my handwriting reflects. Find out your "strengths" and pull up and pay attention to "weak" sides and internal problems "

Consultation, 4 October - Graphology

Consultation, 4 October - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 15 years old: "Most of all I want to know the inclinations to a certain type of knowledge, hobbies"

Consultation, 3 October - Graphology

Consultation, 3 October - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 26 years old: "Depending on my mood, I write in two different ways: in cursive and in block letters"

Consultation, 11 September - Graphology

Consultation, 11 September - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 34 years old: “I am always interested in a lot of things, but for some reason then interest disappears. The situation is exactly the same in relations with people … "

Consultation, 20 August - Graphology

Consultation, 20 August - Graphology (2023)

Woman: “I advise my friends to complete psychology courses. There were cases when it “brought” people into a state of “life”. I wonder what the handwriting says about this? "

Consultation, 31 July - Graphology

Consultation, 31 July - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 28 years old: "People who have to read my handwriting curse, but I console myself that, probably, I am a creative person."

Consultation, 18 July - Graphology

Consultation, 18 July - Graphology (2023)

I really want to know about this person … even very much! 1) What is his character 2) What should this person strive for, or is he happy with everything 3) Love, bad

Consultation, 19 July - Graphology

Consultation, 19 July - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 26 years old: “In general, I have never studied psychology, I rarely read magazines about her. My friend got interested by throwing off the link to Warthegg's test "

Consultation, 4 July - Graphology

Consultation, 4 July - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 20 years old: "To be honest, I do not fully trust such checks and tests, although most of them turn out to be right"

Consultation, 30 May - Graphology

Consultation, 30 May - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 25 years old: “I am proud of my education, but I feel that mine is something else. I did not fully understand myself "

Consultation, 31 May - Graphology

Consultation, 31 May - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 20 years old: “Ever since childhood I have been tormented by my inconstancy. I very quickly get carried away with something new and leave, without completing, the old "

Consultation, 27 April - Graphology

Consultation, 27 April - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 22 years old: "I would like to learn more about my character, stability and emotional shakes, confidence or self-doubt, perhaps about the potential of intellectual capabilities, about the types of professions that suit me, how I get along with people …"

Consultation, 24 April - Graphology

Consultation, 24 April - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 29: "The fact is that I am a very emotional and creative person, but tests on the leading hemisphere reveal solid logic in me"

School Of Graphology. Ethic Or Logician? - Graphology

School Of Graphology. Ethic Or Logician? - Graphology (2023)

Question: How to find out by handwriting what type of person is - emotional or logical?

School Of Graphology. Unwritten Words - Graphology

School Of Graphology. Unwritten Words - Graphology (2023)

Question: I am not finishing the word, what does it mean?

Consultation, 2 April - Graphology

Consultation, 2 April - Graphology (2023)

Woman, 26 years old: “I love my dreams very much, I would like to live in them. I can't imagine people who don't dream at all … "